Chang and the Exosuit

By @Primusjoshua05
Chang and the Exosuit

Chang runs away from an oppressive landlord. An old man gives him an alien exosuit suit that provides tremendous powers of speed and strength. By mastering the exosuit, Chang wins Ancient Korea's Royal Champion Duel and saves his family.

Chapter 1

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Chang lived in Ancient Korea with his parents. His family were farmers and they were responsible for growing organic plants such as Ginseng for the landlord. Chang’s family worked hard and lived happily. But one day, the landlord was frustrated, and brought Chang’s family to his palace. He said that they weren’t growing as much food as before. The landlord planned to punish the whole family for being useless.

First, the father was badly beaten, and got his head chopped off. Next, was his mother, she was set down on a head chopper, and had her hands tied, and her head still. Before her head chopped off, she told Chang to run far away from the palace. Chang ran and the guards chased him, but he lost them. 

 Chang ran to the mountains. There was an old man there. He gave Chang an exosuit with multiple weapons and power. The man said that he saw an actual alien and it gave him the suit. But, he said that it was far too small for him, but he thinks it will fit Chang. The man says that if Chang wants redemption and to take back his family, he must use this suit to defeat the landlord. So, for months, Chang learned to master his suit from the old man, who was now his master.

 A year later, he entered the Royal Champion Duel. More than a thousand warriors entered the contest. After ten rounds of fighting and beating the other warriors, Chang finally entered the master tournament. He faced a giant named Gorial. He could pound a tree trunk with his bare hands. He also could slice down a whole tree with one slash of his sword. Gorial charged at Chang. But Chang kept dodging his attacks and ran away from his grasp. Gorial chased him, and chased him, and chased him. Finally, Gorial was extremely tired and had to stop for a break. Then, at that moment it was Chang’s turn. Chang finally finished Gorial off with a mighty uppercut. All of the audience was stunned. Since Chang was the new champion he got an audience with the king. The king asked him what he wanted in the world the most. Chang said that he wanted his mother and his brother to be saved from the evil landlord of the West. The king granted his wish and sent two of his finest warriors to go to the landlord to retrieve the family. 

The two warriors retrieved the family. The landlord went on trial and received a prison sentence of six months for abusing the farmers. Chang freed his mother and his younger brother. Chang and his family lived in the palace because of his new job. His new job as general was to lead the king’s army and to defend the whole nation. Chang lived over a hundred years, and during that time, no other country could invade ancient Korea. 

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