Catch Me Before I Fall

By @Ams7writing
Catch Me Before I Fall

In a life where Immortals inslave humans, Dillon tries to push through, but her timid nature gets in the way of her life... Just as she thought she had escaped her anxiety a new law had been written... "Human and Immortal teenagers will now carry out their education together, and learn about each other's heritage." Dillon will have to fight against everything in her nature- for someone will try to tear her apart... Aiden Emery, the hot Immortal, ready to give her hell and watch her burn- well that was his plan

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

I’m alright. It only hurts… When I breathe…”

So here I am… three hours later, sitting by myself reading a book while sitting alone in the cafeteria. It was lunch now, I couldn’t find Max so I just went alone. I don’t mind- I like my own company. I reluctantly pulled my gaze away from my book, an uneasy feeling had filled my body as if someone or something had wrapped their hand around my heart and was compressing it tighter and tighter until I felt like I was dying. I grasped my hand over my chest trying to claw away this feeling but it didn’t work.

My breathing now fast and hard, my eyes scanning the room until I found the cause of my pain. In the back right corner of the magnolia cafeteria was the Immortal table. All of them were sitting at a large black table. Each had a different sadistic cruel expression on their cold faces- except one. The Immortal from this morning was slouched over, his hoodie over his head- facing down while his eyes connecting mine. I couldn’t see this face, for it was consumed by shadows, although it brown orbs sent daggers towards my own.

I quickly broke the connection, gathered my things and ran ou the room, his eyes never leaving mine.


I’m now standing in front of my locker, my hands still clasping onto my chest, heart racing out of my skin… The pain had gone, yet the memory was still with me.

I tried to hide my fear, my parents word still fresh in my mind. Yet I couldn’t help but be consumed by fear. The empty corridor now echoing my deep shaky breathes… I slid down to the ground my back against my locker, tears threatened in my eyes, I tried to hold them back… I can’t… I have to-

Then a deep sadistic cold chuckle broke off my train of thought, my head snapped towards the direction of the laugh. The dark corridor hiding the stranger, yet I could tell he was close. My hand ran through my long rich hair and pulled it to the side, while I tried to scan the shadows for movement. I got to my feet.

“W-Who’s t-there?” I managed to choke out, wishing I didn’t stutter although surprised I could muster out one word, sucked in a deep breath and stepped away from the locker which my back had been using as support.

The corridors only source of light; a yellow beaten down old blub, which had the tendency to flicker at the most inconvenient times- which, so it happens, is right now.  Great.

My hand still clasping my locket, I took another step forward towards the light, only to see a dark shadowed figure standing down the dim hall, my heart skipping a beat.

The figure wore his hood over his head, face looking down- all that you could see were a malicious smile with eyes which held a blood-red glow in them.

I took two steps backwards hoping to escape what was lurking in the shadows.

Of courses as soon as I did I hit my cold blue locker. Fear now taking over my senses I hadn’t realized the figure was… Gone?

I searched the hallway, the shadows and the corner I couldn’t see any trace of him, yet my breathing refused to calm down. I was still on edge. 

5 minutes later

Ok enough is enough! 

My back was still leaning upon my locker and I still had my hand tightening their lock around my locker, my breathing was slightly calmer now- so I went for it.

I took two steps forward. Oh, what a mistake that was!

As soon as my body moved I went tumbling to the cold marbled coloured floor. Someone or something had driven me off my feet!

My eyes refused to divert their gaze from the blue water-washed-marble floor, my hair cascaded across my face- now slightly hovering above the floor. I held my eyes tight shut, not wanting to believe what was happening… When-

A cold hand touched my shoulder. Frozen. I can’t move, my eyes burst open, wide and awake.

I whipped my head to the side, only to see a pair of black leather boots. I quickly got up from the ice floor, tearing away from the hold I was in and started running. Pointless…

Immortals were incredibly fast and I’m certain this was an Immortal. Although my determination still alive I continued running, thoughts are now passing through my head. I didn’t get far until I hit something hard. I fell to the ground.

When my head stopped spinning, I slowly gazed up, only to see a tall dark figure- the same Immortal from Biology and the cafeteria.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” His husky voice boomed into my ears, I drew my lips into a fine-line and scrunched up my nose, this was the only face I could nake without showing my fear… “Never let them see your fear!” 

A shadow hand came down to my level and latched under my tiny fragile waist, pulling me up. As soon as I was standing, only then could I see the height difference- his body was muscular and toned, while mine was small and delicate- The Immortal was at least three heads taller than me, and had to look down to see me.

My expression was now blank, my mind was now empty and my body was nearly limp, leaving him to carry my weight on his one arm. I can’t let him see my fear.

“What do we have here?” He finally continued, breaking the cold silence, his voice laced with venom and sarcasm with a hint of cockiness. My body inches away from his, my face still staring down… I couldn’t look up- for I know I wouldn’t be able to compose a straight face.

That was until a cold tanned finger came under my chin and tilted my head to meet his gaze…

His hood was now down, exposing his face. My eyes couldn’t help my drift their wonder to his jawline, strong and defined. Now examining his face completely- starting with his lips, taupe and uneven, showing off a handsome egotistic smirk. I then went to his nose, button and perfect, his hair was messy and sexy, deep black which almost shone violet, thick and silky- I could almost imagine tangling my fingures into his hair with passion, quicky escaping my thought my eyes dashed to escape my poison thoughts, which then lead to his eyes- deep eyes that held a blank expression compared to his sarcastic face expression, his dark thick lashes and sharp narrow eyebrows helping create his eyes depth, but ultimately it was the behind his eyes which caught my attention, his deep green orbs glowing, but empty. They held no want, hatred, sarcasm or cockiness. They were just blank.

My confusion must have travelled to my ****** expression because now his eyebrow was raised and his empty eyes held a playful sparkle inside them. At first look, he was very attractive, but he was an Immortal, the same Immortal who nearly killed my classmate today- the same Immortal I feared would take my life.

I cleared my mind, come on Dill, stay focused! I shook my head and tried to push his arms away- which was still snaked around my waist, although no longer holding my weight. I struggled a little while doing so, I noticed a hint of amusement in his rich green eyes, which quickly turned into annoyance.

“Let. Me. Go!” I exclaimed, trying to sound bold and expressive, but instead sounding, weary and questioning. He opened his mouth as if he were about to say something when he quickly closed it with a tight exhale, his lips forming a thin line. My eyes were now leaking fear, as soon as my lip starting quivering, his eyes turned a lighter shade, letting in an expression I never thought I would see on an Immortals expression. Guilt?. It disappeared as fast as it appeared. 

“Please?” My soft tone pleading, although I still said it as a question, unsure what to do in a situation like this. Did I have to ask, even to plead?

His eyes misted over, a dark colour now taking control, he then muttered something under his breath and in a blink of an eye- The Immortal was gone from my sight, once again leaving me in confusion and fear… It had almost sounded like he had said- “Sorry.”



Ok so this was the actual start of the exciting part- so what did you think? (if I hadn’t already scared you off with my previous boring chapters) This was a page shorter but I didn’t want to overdo it. In the next chapter, I will do 5 pages! 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this… Again open to suggestions on improvements.


-Amelie xx

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