Catch Me Before I Fall

By @Ams7writing
Catch Me Before I Fall

In a life where Immortals inslave humans, Dillon tries to push through, but her timid nature gets in the way of her life... Just as she thought she had escaped her anxiety a new law had been written... "Human and Immortal teenagers will now carry out their education together, and learn about each other's heritage." Dillon will have to fight against everything in her nature- for someone will try to tear her apart... Aiden Emery, the hot Immortal, ready to give her hell and watch her burn- well that was his plan

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

“The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling just to keep the tears from falling again…”

My heartbeat rang in my ears, I couldn’t breathe. I had been so worried about to Immortals that I forgot how scared I really was- until it came down on me like a tone of bricks. I couldn’t let my emotions show, I never did, so I just looked down- stared at the grey carpet in Max’s car, tears threatening but I had to blink them away… My mother’s warning echoed through my head… “Never let them see your fear!” 

I could no longer take it, I heaved open the car door and threw myself out. I started to walk backwards, my knee’s threatening to let go of the weight of my fragile structure, as I walked away from Max’s silver Porsche, eyes wide open… I can’t breathe!

“DILLON!” I heard someone call my name, But I couldn’t take it… the world started spinning, my eyes growing heavy- I fainted.


Reality hit me hard.

That’s the only way to explain why I fainted at the sight of the Immortals. I’m now holding my head in my hands while thinking of one way to overcome the way I acted, my eyes now scanning the tiny baby-blue painted room, the smell of antiseptic cover took all my other sense, the baby-blue walls trying to send a calm sense to my brain yet i felt the exact opposite. I’ve been conscious for ten minutes and already has the nurse said I could go, yet I can’t seem to move. I had biology now… With the Immortals.



It was time for the first period. I hadn’t even missed part of biology- in fact, I was the first in the class. I took my usual seat at the back, my eyes still returning in and out of focus- but I couldn’t let that get to me. Sadly Max was in another class, so I had to partner up with a stranger… It took all my strength to just walk over to my seat in the far corner, out of sight. My mind now going into danger mode, as the class started to fill with students… Of course, none of them sat next to me- I was the shy weirdo, but I didn’t care, in fact, I was glad. I’m happy alone.

I moved uncomfortably in my seat as I noticed not one Immortal was in the class- that was until I saw Mrs Lockwood walk in. Fear was the only emotion on her face-  even the teachers were scared of them.  I looked around to see everyone on edge, even the jocks although most tried to hide their fear with their big egos… Failing of course- I could see right through them.

Come on Dill, get a hold of yourself! I tried to listen to myself but I just couldn’t help but shake in fear.

“Class,” Mrs Lockwood had to pause as she started her sentence, There was an uneasy sensation in the air- that even though the popular’s didn’t like the nerds- or the jocks didn’t like the goths… Everyone had each other’s backs because everyone knew what was about to walk into our class.

“As you know the Immortal student body will be joining our school today, so for our first lesson of the term and with them-” Her eyes gazed at the floor as she continued her sentence,”-We will use today to find our new lab-partners, so when the Immortals arrive I expect everyone to make them feel welcome.” You could hear the fear quaking her voice, as is broke at the end of her statement. 

One thing I forget to say about the Immortals- They were basically vampires. 

They fed off our blood, they had an unusual amount of strength and they could kill us with a quick blink of the eye. The strong ones, the Immortals descended from the first ever Immortals were even stronger and had advantages, which others did not portray- these were from the Emery clan. They held the power of compulsion- they could make you do whatever they liked, all they had to do was look into your eyes and bang, you’re at their mercy. Sadly, they had a sick sense of humour and liked to turn people against people- loved ones against loved ones. You could never lie to them, they can read your mind… And you had to bow down to them. They were the worst of the worst, and I was shaking in my skin. And they would laugh.

“What about their- their abilities?” Lily asked I don’t blame her for stumbling on her worlds, I couldn’t even ask the question- but I’m glad she did. She tried to hide her distress by flipping her golden lock to the side.

“They have been forbidden to use their abilities.” Everyone knew that with Mrs Lockwood’s words came the uncertain question of- Why would they listen to you? These were Immortals, and we were mere humans- a fly caught in a spiders web.

I was finally calming down until a thought came to my fragile mind- No one is sitting next to me. What is an Immortal sat there? My face drained all its colour at the thought, my heart-beat raised… And here they came.

My eyes diverted to the door as the first Immortals started to walk in, all of them lined in front of us. If looks could kill- we would all be dead by now.

“W… Welcome…” Mrs Lockwood tried to express happiness but all that came out was fear and question. Everyone stared at them, and they started back. Everyone was alarmed and scared. Simple as that. Apart from me.

I never thought I would have el my self together- but I did. Until I made eye contact with an Immortal, her bleach blonde hair coming in two fishtail braids, blue streaks pated within them, her thin diamond face, pale and pristine. I moved to her lips, crimson red with a slight smirk in the corner as if she was enjoying the fear which plastered everyone’s faces. Her eyes, they held such an intense glare it sent a shiver down my back. Black is all I could see, her black orbs showing disgust and hatred when she looked at us- as if all she could see were mere blood-bags. With her expression, anger boiled inside of me… All I could see were mere animals in front of me. 

My eyes scanned the rest, there were four of them, two girls and two boys, probably trying to even it out… The other girl had black short hair, which held a sexy messy look to it, my eyes then trailed to her eyes, ruby red and glistening with thirst… Her lips pulling the same want and emotion as the blonde one… She wanted our blood too, but I know all she saw was blood-bags- not even humans, just a source of food. Her skin looked like stone, pale and smooth. She was staring at Zack, a timid nerd… His eyes not knowing where to look diverted in every direction. Sweat poured across his forehead… It made me pity him.

I was now looking at the Immortal boy to the right of the black haired girl… His gaze was now staring at Lidia, the popular girl of the school, her marshmallow coloured lipstick on her average shaped lips now folding into a thin line as if she was holding her breath, her blue ocean eyes looking at Mrs Lockwood for help, when she couldn’t find any that’s when I saw the drop of sweat drip from her forehead… She was holding her breath, but why? Then I put together the dots. She was under compulsion… She was obviously suffocating, a tear fell onto the counter- no one noticed, panic seized me, a rush of adrenaline overcame me… I stood up and ran to her.

More tears now escaped her fear-struck eyes, pleading into mine. I took a deep breath and turned to the boy- a smirk played on his lips, I know I couldn’t do much so I did my best with the rush of adrenaline coursing through my blood. 

“LET HER GO!” I screamed at him, everyone now diverting their gaze towards me- his dark brown eyes flashed shocked which then turned to anger. He let go of the compulsion, snapping my head towards Linda as she sucked in a deep breath and cried. I tried to comfort her but she just let out a sob. Tears now threatened my eyes. Linda and me never really saw eye to eye, but I would never ignore her if she was in trouble, she pulled me into a quick and strong embrace before Mrs Lockwood came over-

“What on earth is happening over here?!” Rage and concern filling her voice. I took a deep breath before I was cut off by Linda.

“Nothing, but choked a little…” My eyes now snapping towards hers, as she looked into mine she gave me a sad plead not to say anything, with that I nodded. I turned my head towards the boy who was now chuckling and I had to bite down on my bottom lips not to scream at him. His dark brown globe’s now holding mine, as I saw shooting him daggers he winked at me, a devilish smirk also played in his lips and I had to turn away before I did something I regretted. 

“Alright, calm down. Go see Nurse Page.” Mrs Lockwood’s voice held an exhausted tone, as if she could see through Linda’s lie and knew that it was a cause of the Immortal boy.

I returned to my seat, still alone in my corner, Mrs Lockwood was talking to the Immortals about the rules in biology, none of them actually paying attention to what she said of course. I was just calming down until I noticed the brown-eyed Immortal was still staring at me. I didn’t want to anger him anymore so I Turned my gaze to my small simple hands.

How on earth did I find the courage to do that, I could barely talk to anyone let alone shout at an Immortal… I’m in so much trouble.

Yet my eyes couldn’t resist it anymore- slowly I diverted my gaze toward the Immortal- Who was still studying me with a content stare.

Who was this Immortal? What have I gotten myself into?



So to the one reader (if I’m that lucky) who is still reading this, sorry again for such a boring chapter but again chapter three is the big explosion of drama. This was a little shorter than I had planned but I think I might keep it this length (5 pages)… What do you think? 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this… Again open to suggestions on improvements.


-Amelie xx

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