Catch Me Before I Fall

By @Ams7writing
Catch Me Before I Fall

In a life where Immortals inslave humans, Dillon tries to push through, but her timid nature gets in the way of her life... Just as she thought she had escaped her anxiety a new law had been written... "Human and Immortal teenagers will now carry out their education together, and learn about each other's heritage." Dillon will have to fight against everything in her nature- for someone will try to tear her apart... Aiden Emery, the hot Immortal, ready to give her hell and watch her burn- well that was his plan

Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Smiling is the best way to face any problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain”

I’ve been living around this saying all my stubborn life. I guess it’s the only way to accept the fact that my existence doesn’t matter. I could die today and the world would still go on… Humans would carry on their lives and Immortals wouldn’t give a ****. My people “humans” have accepted the truth, we have accepted it for thousands of years now. You see Immortals as they prefer to be labelled- Couldn’t give two flying monkeys whether we died or lived. They were our superiors and we had to accept that. Of course with the human race being so obstinate and willful, in the beginning, we fought and fought the Immortals. Although over time we had to stop- they were picking us off like flys and we were fading fast. So we tamed… We served… We succumb. Now only a few still try to rise above the Immortals, eventually going into hiding. My family obeyed their rules and laws, giving them praise when demanded but I know how they truly felt, and I loved the fact that they still fight to this day to keep me safe, but I guess that’s going to be a little harder with the new law…

Human and Immortal teenagers will now carry out their education together, and learn about each other’s heritage.”

Today was the first-day of this “trial” to see if we can officially start learning and working together. Due to beforehand, we were separate in everything… Working, learning, eating, shopping. EVERYTHING. Now they are trying to force into situations to learn to exist together. Here we go…


“Honey, it’s time for school!” My devoted mother called. If I had to describe my mother in two words I would say- Vigilant and solicitous. She was everything I wished to become, never giving up her will, never stopped fighting- she was my world. Yet the complete opposite of me, I’m timid while she is courageous and not scared to get things done. I try, but I can’t achieve what she has in her life.

“Dillon I’m not going to tell you twice!” Her final warning rang in my ears…

“Coming!” I replied hastily, rolling out of bed while doing so. Dragging my half-awake, half-asleep body inside the bathroom. Turning to my right as I looked at myself in the mirror to find my reflection staring back- but what do you expect a mirror to do. 

After two solid minutes of looking at my reflection, I turned to switch on the shower.

Twenty minutes later I wrapped my towel around my body and yet again turned to my reflection- finding it staring back. I guess by now you think I’m quite vain- but your completely wrong… I think the exact opposite, while some girls may bath in their self-beauty, I hate mine. I couldn’t stand my round rosy cheeks- with a dash of freckles leading to my refined nose, from there my eyes wondered to my lips- thick and plump with a red glow, some may say beautiful… But not me. I then darted to my brown eyes, glistening green in the pure sunlight, thick eyelashes and shaped dark brown eyebrows- with an odd pimple on my face. You could say I was beautiful, which my family tells me every day, but that’s just what family does. I couldn’t- and still, struggle to find beauty in my complexion… It’s impossible to escape your own self.

I returned to my bedroom and changed swiftly, picking out my outfit- a yellow tight top, showing off all my curves, tucked into some dark blue ripped jeans, my favourite pair of shoes, black and white British-Knights with blue ankle socks and a blue and green flannel shirt to go over my tight yellow top. Last but not least my locket.

I never knew why, and still don’t know, but I have worn this since before I could remember- Only taking it off to wash, even then sometimes just keeping it on. I tried to ask my mother about it but she just shrugged off my question and walked away- my father the same. I gazed at the tiny silver locket in my soft olive hands… Really taking in its beauty- its key shaped silver form, holding a dazzling gem at the top… Colour of sapphire with a hint of crimson red, vine-shaped swirls cascading down its blade… It looked like it should open but I could never prompt it open. I wish I could just-

“DILLION GET DOWN HERE NOW!” My father now howling up the stairs, breaking my chain of thought… Great now fathers involved.

With that, I put the locket around my neck and I dashed down the stairs to meet my father’s gaze.

“Sorry father,” I mumbled while my nails were digging into my other arm awkwardly, my eyes diverted their gaze from the floor to my father’s eyes. Which held no emotion- His black hair holding silver streaks showing off his age, I noticed how tired his eyes were- yet filled with wisdom and hope, his face mature and strong with only a few creases around his eyes- my father was strong, yet closing near to old age but still not old enough to hold all traits which come with aging… Looking youthful and stubborn as ever.

“Little Fox don’t try my patience again,” He paused to take a breath. “Otherwise I will leave you to Mother.” With that, I saw his lips curl into a playful smirk. I fake gasped and covered my mouth, we both laughed as my mother turned the corner to see what we were doing.

“Come on, your toast will be getting cold!” My mother remarked I hadn’t even realized both my mother and father were now sitting in the dining room. I quickly made my way over and sat down.


Just as we were finishing breakfast I drew my attention towards my mother. Her long chestnut hair falling down her back, as if she had just woken up such beauty without even trying, her oval face clean and beaming, my eyes now falling to her brown eyes, always holding hope and love in them, but always carrying around a hint of caution as if something was always waiting around the corner. Her lips plump as deep red, her lipstick fresh and ready to start the day… Her lips always holding a smile, in the corner of her mouth I noticed some age creases but they just added to her beauty. Some people say I’m the double of my mother, but I can’t agree, she is everything I wish to be. 

I excused myself from the table and washed up my plate, walking over to the coatrack to gather my long black coat and cream scarf, when I turned around to say my goodbyes I looked at my mother and father. Noticing that within their gaze held so much affection for each other… They had been married for twenty years now and still, they devoted themselves to each other… I wish I could find that kind of love.

“Where do you think your going Little Fox?” My father asked me, his eyebrows arched and eyes still holding back his emotions. Both my parents were now staring at me.

“Uh, school?” Where else would I be going? I had already grabbed my bag which was over one shoulder holding all my books.

“Before you go, Honey me and your father would like to talk to you,” My mother’s sweet voice turning serious at the end of her sentence. I looked into her eyes and saw fear, which caused me to become cautious of what was about to happen. I snapped my head towards my father when he said the words which would change my perspective completely…

“You do not look, talk, or succumb to those dirty lying Immortals, do you understand me?” What? I mean this was my dad… I mean I knew he always hated them to some degree but to share it with me, I never thought for one second that would happen.

“What?” My face worried and confused, I know that some humans worshipped the Immortals, and I know my parents weren’t part of them but I didn’t know their true feelings towards them, that they were so hateful and filled with disgust. 

“What your father is trying to tell you, Honey-” She said while walking to me, now holding my hands. “-Is that you NEVER bow down to those Immortals who are joining your school-” Her voice now dripping with hate, never had I heard my mother talk about something with such anger, Her hands now holding mine a little too tight, “You stay away from them, don’t talk, look or even breath next to them!” My mouth was now hanging open.

“They are nothing compared to you My Little Fox, and don’t you ever let them tell you otherwise!” My father now joined in, but my gaze still held on my mother’s eyes- Which were now almost black with hatred and fear, her soft complexion now turning bitter. I snapped out of it when I heard my father speak once more,

“Do you understand Little Fox? You never let them know your fears, or that they got to you because as soon as you do-” My father eyes now filled with the caution and anger, but he kept his voice stern but soft.

“They will tear you apart.” My mother cut in, and I couldn’t believe mine hears! Yet understood what they were saying.

“They are even more ruthless than adult Immortals,” My mother continued, “They don’t care- they can’t, they don’t know how to care or love- so don’t you even think about letting them know if your upset or afraid, because they will use that against you.” Her eyes deadly serious. I couldn’t speak. So many questions filled my head but I could only muster a slight nod. 

With that my mother’s eyes softened and she pulled me into her embrace, I tightened my arms around her seeking out comfort, but her embrace couldn’t comfort me- nothing could.


I’m now in the car. After my parent’s lecture I didn’t want to go to school alone, so I called my only friend Max. He’s always been there for me. Right now I’m in the front seat of his car and we’re going to school. He hated the Immortals, to be honest, I think everyone at my school did, in fact, he is talking about it right now… I’m not listening. Just watching the trees go past- until we entered the city again. 

“Hey, Max?” I interrupted him- I know it sounded rude but I don’t like it when he talks about things in such… Well- the same as my parents really. I don’t think I’ve ever hated someone or something before. I don’t hate the Immortals, I just… Don’t understand them- I don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean I hate or blame their kids.

“Dill? You okay there?” I snapped my head to face him, his eyes darting from the road to mine, concern flashed in his eyes and a warm smile on his uneven taupe lips, his olive skin drained slightly and his eyes green and sparkling as usual, his styled chestnut hair coming across his face slightly. He was seen as very popular and “cute” to a lot of the girls at my school, yet I have always seen him as more of a big brother

“Yeah, sorry just in too deep of thought to hear you,” My eyes now looking at his face, my voice has always been quiet, but my shyness has never seemed to bother Max.

“When aren’t you in your own little world…” He laughed as he said this, I giggled too, but my eyes couldn’t seem to divert their gaze from his jaw- it was strong and defined but held tension as if he was holding back a secret that he just couldn’t hold in.

“Max if you knew something, you would tell me right?” Now staring into his eyes, which still held their gaze towards the road. The thing with Max is that he could never lie to me, that’s the good thing about being to shy- you could always tell when someone or something was lying or hiding something… What was Max hiding?

“We’re here!” He grumbled, the Immortals hadn’t yet arrived but Max used this to sidestep my question completely, which didn’t help my nerves. His eyes flashed anger as he glared straightforward. I also turned forward and saw what Max was so tense about… The Immortals had arrived.



Welcome to my first story on quotev “Catch Me Before I fall” I hope you liked the first chapter, I’m sorry it was so uneventful, it was motly just setting the scene and explaining things… It really picks up in chapter three. 

Please tell me what you think of my story and how I could improve- I’m open to suggestions. Thanks for reading!


-Amelie xx

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  1. Vivid_Ink

    I really liked it! Don’t be too obvious of how pretty she is; you want the reader to be a part of the main character, so you could emphasize how much she doesn’t like the way she looks, but don’t go describing how pretty she is. That’s the other characters’ jobs. I can’t wait to read more!

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