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Catastrophe, Pacifism and Honour

By @Nicooo

The Encounter

Even from the sky, at about two kilometres away, Aleksander could feel Valcus’s bitter expression. I know exactly what he’s thinking. ’He forgot his sword! His sword for Heaven’s sakes! Even Bras had to go and help him and he was already so busy doing his job like he’s supposed to, but instead…’ and on and on and on.

The wind started getting a bit faster as they were approaching camp. I can already picture his face, stretched out with a frown of disappointment, those eyes that seem filled with boredom even in the most troublesome situations. Those crossed arms, that head tilted thirty degrees to the left…

The wind had gotten even stronger, to the point where he couldn’t hear much except his own thoughts.

‘Buckle up, lad!’ shouted Bras in order for his friend to hear, but Aleksander’s mind was wandering in other places.

The sun shining onto his bald head at the perfect angle so it goes into my eyes, inhaling ‘Aleksander…’ and exhaling, after which he continues to describe what I did wrong.

All of a sudden he noticed Bras move out the way a bit and a gust of wind flew into Aleksander’s mouth, causing him to cough and almost fall.

‘Are ye bloody deaf? Wake up!’

This time, Aleksander made sure to grab tight onto his friend for the rest of the ride.

‘Time ta land. You’re on your own with Valcus,’ Bras said, pointing towards Aleksander, almost getting the finger in his nose. ‘Oh, and if ye’re to mention tha ring…’ the Ulrag said, ‘Ye’re dead.’

Aleksander couldn’t help but agree. ‘Yes, of course.’ As they made their way through the small forest that lead to their home, they heard a weird sound in the bushes. Instinctively, Aleksander pulled out his dagger, ready to face his foe. Please don’t be a tiger. Or a bear. Or anything except a hot maid. They heard another sound, right from behind. No time to turn and defend, but maybe this’ll do, he thought, as he threw his dagger while facing the enemy. The long knife went right through the bushes and stopped somewhere a couple meters forward, probably in a tree. They shrugged.

‘At least it wasn’t anything dangerous. Now go bring it back. I’ll be waitin ‘ere,’ Bras said, pushing his friend forward.

Realizing that he had been walking for a solid five minutes, Aleksander started wondering how exactly he threw the knife so deep into the forest. I’m sure I didn’t put that much power behind it, and I’m not going in circles… The plants were getting bigger in number and their leaves were as large as his head. He struggled with clearing his way through, deflecting the leaves that were trying to get into his eyes from left to right, sometimes being forced to rip them in half. 

****** be the fatty, letting me go alone through here. I hope I scared whatev-

Swiftly, a man jumped out of the bush to his left, shouting something. It sounded like a scream, yet somehow it was more of a battle cry in a language he couldn’t understand. He couldn’t see his face, but he had a weapon lifted above his head, held with both hands. An axe, a broadsword, an idiot with a rapier? Didn’t matter. He had to defend himself, no matter the attacker.

Aleksander went to the ground and did a barrel roll in the direction of the jump, making his attacker skip over him. He got up, taking the knife out of the tree with his right hand. He could only see a large piece of wood in the man’s hand that was now sitting where he was seconds ago. The tip of the weapon was covered by his body. An axe then. Or a spear.

He knew his enemy was most probably going to turn around, swinging his weapon. He put up his left hand, separating his little and ring finger from the rest, aiming at the back of the man’s head. Aim and kill. As he threw the knife, the man disappeared into thin air, leaving being a cloud of black smoke. What? His weapon went into another tree close to him. Aleksander rubbed his eyes and then heard a shout.

‘Oi! How much are ye gonna stay der’? We have a bathroom ye know!’ 

He took back his knife that was now covered in black dust. Cleaning it, he noticed something close to the base of the blade. A… square. It looked as though it was engraved into it. This must mean something. I mustn’t let the others know of it yet though. I need to talk to someone who is good with magic. Someone like- His train of thought was stopped by Bras’s calling for him again. After backtracking, he found his friend barely outside the forest.

‘I swear… I don’t like it when brats make me wait for nuthin’. You better have a good excuse.’ Bras, however, quickly noticed his friend’s frightened face. ‘Did a stray cat scare ya thinking it were a pantha’? Hah!’

Aleksander looked at him straight in the eyes. Bras felt uneasy at the sight of those blue eyes, as though they were burrowing deep into his soul.

‘No. We need to find a way around the forest.’

Aleksander’s chilling gaze made Bras think he was going to turn into a block of ice. He was concerned for his friend so he decided to ask another day. He couldn’t help but to look behind, at the forest, and think ‘What the **** happened there?’

Somehow, it felt as though there was a weird presence inside, chilling him to the bone, yet at the same time inviting him to enter. It was like a hunt for a serial killer. Death knocking at the door, but the treasure that could be received…

‘We must get moving. We don’t want Mr. General Valcus himself to be mad.’

Before he knew it, Bras already made a step towards the forest, but upon hearing Aleksander’s voice he woke up from the trance.

‘Ye. Ye, ye’re right. Let’s go,’ he decided and the two started making their way back to base, on a path that was surrounding the forest.

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