By @Pythongurl


By @Pythongurl

As soon as I took a sip, I realized it was poison.

Chapter 1

I deserve this. Really, I should have expected this, I did just try to rob a rich guy and I am not a thief. I just had some bad luck and was told this was the guy to rob. I don’t know why I went with it. I guess maybe I am the idiot. But someone needed me and I had to do everything in my power to help.

The sun went down hours ago, because you don’t break into someone’s home in the daylight, you wait for the sun to go down. The whole situation is very strange really. I’m not just sitting in front of a fire on a leather couch just resting my feet on a bear skin rug. Across from me in the leather chair is the guy who owns this place. Did I mention that I have never stolen a thing in my life? This was my first attempt at being the bad boy ever and I got caught. When he captured me, he told me I could either run and hope that I outrun the dogs in the front yard, or I could sit and have a chat with him. I am not a runner…so I sat for a chat. He then offered me a drink, I watched him make it right in front of me, but that doesn’t always mean anything. It wasn’t even an alcoholic drink. It was sprite, a little cherry juice, and some ice. As soon as I took a sip, I realized it was poison. Great.

“What is your name?” The guy asks me.

“Maurice.” I say, trying to clear my head. Everything was getting foggy. I almost felt like I was in a dream.

“Maurice, my name is David. You can call me Dave.” He was so casual, like he didn’t just poison me. I laugh a little but it came our more like a moan than anything. “Well, that was quick. Usually the person can keep talking for at least ten minutes before the poison starts taking effect.”

“What?” I say. I’m not sure if that is really what I said, but it’s what I mean to say.

“No worries. It will be okay. Is it poison? Yes, yes it is. Will it kill you? No. Not today my friend.”

I try to look around but my head feels so heavy.

“Okay, I didn’t really poison you. It’s more of a drug. You will eventually sleep. It’s just to give you a good scare. Nothing will happen to you. I may be rich, but I am not a murderer. You did come into my house and try to steal from me. Which means you are desperate for money. I saw you from the moment you stepped into my yard. You are a lousy thief. First time?” He ask. I try to nod but my head just rolls over.

He stands from his chair and walks over to me. He lays me on my side with a pillow at my head. “When you wake up we will discuss things. Take this as a lesson that crime does not pay.” He was standing over me, staring at me. His face began to fade as I started to fall asleep. Part of me was relieved because I knew I would wake up, or at least this man, Dave, said I would wake up.


“Maurice.” I hear a voice call me. I jerk awake and sit up. The smell of breakfast hits me and suddenly my stomach grumbles and cramps in hunger. “Pancakes?” Dave is standing front of me holding a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I take the plate in a hurry and shuffle the food down as quickly as possible.

“Thanks.” I say through a mouth full. Then I remember exactly where I am and why I am here. “Um…” I sit the plate on the table and fold my hands in my lap.

“The dogs will still attack if you run now.”

“Am I prisoner now?” I ask. Not that it would be a bad thing to be a prisoner. My life isn’t the best, but I do have a sick sister that needs me.

“I have looked into your situation. You will work for me, doing what ever I need you to do. Yard work, cleaning, driving me where ever I may go.” He sits down in his leather chair across from me and folds his arms across his chest. “I know about your sister. Your missing parents. Life has been hard for you, I understand that. I haven’t always been rich. I will give you the money you need for your sister.”

“Thanks?” I say. “Why would you do this?”

“You are an awful thief and the help that your sister needs is going to be expensive. I lost a sister when I was about your age. I want to help. You and your sister will come live with me, get you out of that dump you are living in. She will get the care she needs, and I have a loyal servant.”

“A prisoner.”

“No, you are free to do what ever you want on your days off. It’s a sweet deal.”

“There has to be a catch.” I say, waiting for the world to be pulled out from under me again.

“The only catch is that you have to trust a crazy rich guy. There is one rule; you must stay out of the basement.” As he says this I hear a door creak open and screams come from somewhere under the house. I swallow hard and nod my head. He smiles and winks at me. “That’s where I keep the thieves that run.” 

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    nice story!

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      Thanks! And thank you for taking the time to read it.

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