By @Pjay

A clever human trapped a merman on a cold night and recorded him live for the whole world to see, now the big secret is out and humans have set their sights on the merfolk. Now they have to try and survive.

Chapter 1


It was a cold night just like this one. 

I remember a man, a man in all black, who strutted towards me with a wicked grin.

My blood ran cold at the sight of him.

I couldn’t get loose from the fishnet, I struggled and struggled but to no prevail.

As if I was some trophy- he picked me up from my teal, scaly tail and threw the fishnet away, chuckling and cackling at his victory.

All I could do was watch as I was carried away from my home, my life, and all that I knew.

“I’m afraid…someone….please help me,” I thought as he tossed me onto the wooden floor.

My tears stained the floor, while my fist balled in agony.

Somehow I knew- I knew, that it was going to be the last time I saw the ocean.

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