Capable Hands

By @Farmcat2408

Capable Hands

By @Farmcat2408

Legolas' wife goes into labour after Gandalf falls into darkness.

Inspired by: Lord of the Rings

Chapter 1

Capable Hands

*Disclaimer* I do not own any characters created by J. R. R. Tolkien. Anolinde and Amonereb are of my own creation and belong to me.

Labour scene, but I didn’t go into graphics. Very vague.

We stumbled out of the Mines of Moria, glad to be alive, although saddened by the loss of Gandalf.

Frodo had forcibly been carried out, and he was inconsolable on the ground, Sam sitting beside him. Pippin wept on the rocks, his shoulder’s shaking violently as Merry tried to console him. There was a definite feel of melancholy in the air, and I leaned against my husband, Legolas as I wiped at the tears streaming down my own face.

Pangs cut across my stomach, and my hand drifted to caress its swollen bulk. I knew in my soul it was time. But Caras Galadhon was so close, perhaps we could make it.

Legolas’ arms came around my shuddering form, and he held me close, tucking my head underneath his chin. “It’ll be alright, melleth nin. It’ll be alright.” He whispered gently.

Aragorn soon told us that we were moving on since we had a lot of ground to cover. But Boromir looked up, dumbfounded. “Can’t you see they are grieving? Let them rest!” He said, his voice cracking slightly.

“I agree with Aragorn. We must keep moving.” I said, pulling away from Legolas, and looking around. Aragorn looked at me in quiet curiosity, his eyebrows rising. Even though Aragorn was the closest friend of my husband, I rarely agreed with him.

Legolas walked around to look at me, his gaze concerned as he stared into my eyes. “Anólindë, Man istaraeg? Alech?” He asked quietly, his finger lifting my chin so I looked at him. My lips parted slightly as I felt my muscles seize under a contraction.  

Legolas’ gaze become more concerned, and he moved to gently grasp my shoulders. “Alman mi naeg?” He asked sternly, but I shook my head. The others looked on at this foreign exchange they couldn’t understand.

Aragorn stood, brown eyes sweeping my body, checking for injuries. I knew that he understood Elvish, which was helpful sometimes, but other times it made for not-so-private conversations.

Ignoring him, I smiled at Legolas. “No, Melleth nin. I laes.” I whispered softly, and his eyes widened. I could hear Aragorn’s almost silent intake of breath as he heard my words. “Han is amman im baur an lagor an Lothlorien, Legolas.” I continued, and he nodded.

Im hannas.” He said, turning to see Aragorn standing behind him, worry etched onto his features.

“Aragorn, i laes tuliel. Is iest an go’ an Lothlorien.” He said, and Aragorn nodded.

Lathradon. Aem levlagor aece raeth ed ardu?” Aragorn asked, and I had to think.

“Yes, I feel fine…” I said, then shuddered as I felt the gnawing onset of pain. I doubled over, gritting my teeth as I fought against the scream welling in my throat.

Gentle hands guided me to lean back on a rock, Legolas kneeling beside me. He gently rubbed his thumbs over the tops of my hands. “Ech almi an lend.” He said, blue eyes worried.

I could vaguely hear Aragorn telling everyone to get comfortable, since we were staying here for the night. Boromir asked why, and Aragorn turned him to the side, speaking in low tones.

Legolas saw my questioning gaze, and he answered my unspoken question. “Aragorn baw iest i Perian egor i Cadhad an gor. Ent innas ero be mi men.” He murmured gently, smiling.

“Lady ‘Linde, are you alright?” A small voice piped, causing me to look and see the little curly-haired hobbit standing beside me. I forced a bright smile, gritting my teeth as I felt another contraction ripple across my belly.

“Pippin! Yes, I’m feeling fine, albeit a bit tired.” I said cheerfully, wishing he would just leave me alone. My body trembled slightly with the force of the pain, and I breathed deeply, closing my eyes as the hobbit meandered away, my head falling sideways onto Legolas’ shoulder.

A soft moan escaped my lips, and I tightened my grasp on Legolas’ hand. “Ed naeg im…” I whispered, and Legolas gently kissed my forehead.

“I know, Melamin, just breathe. Aragorn is readying a place for you, just hold on.” He murmured, pulling me closer against him. “I do not like to see you in pain, Bain erea. I wish I could experience it for you.” He hummed against my hair.

“Legolas, bring Anólindë over here.” Aragorn called, and I was lifted up in Legolas’ strong arms. I could see the hobbits watching curiously, whispering among themselves.

Then Legolas ducked down, entering a makeshift tent Aragorn had produced from blankets. He set me down gently on my bedroll, which was a nice change from the rocky ground. I lay back, breathing heavily as another contraction washed over me.

“Aragorn, im baw istaman sen carsi lu.” Legolas whispered in Elvish, his voice panicked. Aragorn answered, his voice soft and soothing.

Ech istaan Edhel, mellon. Cin nos istamaen mi i arthor en athae.” He said, but Legolas still continued.

Ech istaos athae o im.” He said, and I felt like the decision was up to me. Sitting up slowly, I looked at the pair of them. I meant to sound confident, but a contraction caught me off guard.

“Aragorn, please…” I whimpered, clutching at the fabric of my clothes, tears squeezing from my eyes as I moaned.

Legolas was there in an instant, holding me against his chest, and nuzzling my hair as he soothed me. “You’re alright, Mela, just take a deep breathe.” He murmured.

I could hear Aragorn preparing what little supplies he had on hand, while I alternated between panting and groaning. Everything had progressed so quickly.

Aragorn’s hands on my knees brought me back to the present. “Anólindë, I know nothing of childbirth, so I will tell you to trust your instincts. Do what your body tells you to do.” He said in that soft but firm voice of his, and I nodded.

“Then shall we proceed in getting you ready?” He asked, prompting me to grimace and nod. In short order I was relieved of my breeches and outer tunic. I’d insisted on the outer tunic going as I felt so hot. My face was flushed and beaded with sweat, and I didn’t want the layer on anymore.

We passed the time away as we waited for the child. The hobbits had become concerned, acting rather loud, up until the time Boromir told them to be quiet since I was giving birth.

But after a time I became deaf to any voices besides mine, Aragorn’s and Legolas’. My water had broken, and the pain had become unbearable. Legolas was doing his best to be comforting, but I could sense that he was scared.

Soon, their voices ceased to faraway murmurs, rumbling softly. I felt like I was living in a world of my own; a trance. Hearing nothing, just feeling the never-ceasing waves of pain wash over me. Until I emerged, opening my eyes and locking onto Aragorn’s dark brown orbs, one fact present on my mind.

Ed is lu an nasta.” I said softly, slipping into my native Elvish as I rose from my inner self. Bracing myself as another contraction tightened my muscles, I bore down, my head falling back onto Legolas’ chest as I groaned, tears pricking my eyes at the effort.

The cycle began, alternating between pushing and snatching a gasp of air before I bore down again. It seemed like an eternity passed before everything ceased; the pain, my agonized cries, Legolas’ murmurs, and Aragorn’s soft rumble of encouragement.

Silence reigned, until the sharp wail of a baby pierced the air. I raised my head, opening weary silver eyes to see Aragorn holding up my screaming child, his eyes moist. “Anólindë, your daughter.” He said softly, gently placing the child onto my sweat-dampened tunic.

I held her close, whispering in her ear as tears of joy fell from my face. “Galdol, Amonereb, pinig.” I cooed, her cries becoming soft whimpers as she listened to the beat of my heart.

Bain herves, ech carnen elvain. Im mela ech aenc sel.” Legolas murmured, and I smiled up at him. There were no words to speak.

“Congratulations, mellon.” Aragorn said, nodding to the two of us. “Now I will leave you in peace.” He smiled, and left the makeshift tent.

A soft clamor of voices arose, and I could hear his deep voice speak, although I couldn’t make out any words.

Then Legolas gently interrupted my thoughts with his voice. “You should rest, Ahna. We must journey tomorrow.” He hummed, gently reaching out to take Amonereb from my breast.

At his words, I felt exhaustion flood me, as if my body had just realized the extent it had performed today, defeating a cave troll, and running from a Balrog. Then on top of that, giving birth to my child.

Closing my eyes, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of Legolas’ thudding heart.


Man istaraeg: What is wrong

Alech: Are you alright

Alman mi naeg: Were you injured

Melleth nin: My love

I laes: The baby

Han is amman im baur an lagor an Lothlorien: That is why I wanted to hurry to Lothlorien

Im hannas: I understand

I laes tuliel: The baby comes

Is iest an go’ an Lothlorien: She wishes to go to Lothlorien

Ech almi an lend: You are in no shape to travel

Ed naeg im: It pains me

Melamin: My love

Ed is lu an nasta: It is time to push

Im baw istaman sen carsi lu: I do not know what to do in this situation

Ech istaan Edhel, mellon. Cin nos istamaen mi i arthor en athae: You are an elf, friend. Your race is skilled in the arts of healing.

Mela: Love

Ech istaos athae o im: You know more about healing than I

Galdol: Welcome

Pinig: My little one

Bain herves, ech carnen elvain. Im mela ech aenc sel: Beautiful wife, you have done so well. I love you and our daughter

Lathradon: I heard

Aem levlagor aece raeth ed ardu: If we move quickly we can reach it by nightfall.

Aragorn baw iest i Perian egor i Cadhad an gor. Ent innas ero be mi i men: Aragorn does not want the Hobbits or the Dwarf to worry. They will only get in the way.

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