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By @E-Anderson

It ain’t never been easy for a gal like me

To find someone with a longing to be called “we;”

I search and I search with my head and my heart,

But whenever I’m “together” it all falls apart;

And yet there are some who never are lonely;

They kiss and they hug and they dance all slowly-

A smile on their faces, and I have to hide my frown

As they walk down the aisle in their suits and gowns

Bells chiming for “love,” bells chiming for “us”

But I’ve never been invited to get on that bus

I’m happy where I am, and I’m happy where I’m not

Yet of the nature of love, I’ve never been taught

Sometimes I long and sometimes I yearn

But I tell myself that I’ve earned what I’ve earned

And they’ll burn and they’ll burn

Till they all fizzle out and they’ll have to learn

What it means to look on

While love turns and turns.

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