Bye Bye Birthday Balloon

By @DaSnakeLover

Bye Bye Birthday Balloon

By @DaSnakeLover

Everyone has attachment to an item. Mine simply happened to be a balloon.

Chapter 1

Bye-Bye Birthday Balloon 


There you were 

glistening silver 


With red letters 

printed with precision 


I wanted to see your face 

in the beaming sun 


So, I took you outside 

just for a moment 


But I underestimated 

the wind. 


And you left me 

soaring high 


I watched in horror 

but also intrigue 


I dashed inside  

to find my dad 


Even he couldn’t catch you 

I gave up and waved goodbye 


Goodbye my friend 

I couldn’t bring you back 


-Diara Joseph 


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