By @kira_bezkoro


By @kira_bezkoro

It is a perfect book, for those who love Alice in Wonderland. This is about a girl teen, Nicole. One time she bought a packet of butterscothches. See what would be happen later.

Inspired by: Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 1

1. Hi!My name is Nicole

June 18th. Biggest Summer Break. Chamberlain, South Dakota. South- Main street. E 13 Ave. House number 13. Living room. And this is me, Nicole McDaniel, laying on a small sofa and looking another popular show already 3rd time. You would definitely say “It’s summertime, go and walk with your friends, eat some portions of ice-cream”, as my mom always says… But, there is a problem: first, my friends went away somewhere for all break, second, I am so sick, that i can’t eat ice-cream. So for me, everything is gorgeous. Well, not everything, I am hungry. Today, I ate everything I just could find in our house. I ate all sandwiches, my mom left me before she went work. I have drunk all juices that I could find in my brothers room. I even have paid 3 dollars to David, for his yearly reserve of gummy bears. But, I needed more. After 2 more hours of laying and meditating for enormous ideas, I decided it would be a wonderful idea, if I would go to Seven Eleven and buy their Party Packet of Marry’s. If you don’t live in Dakota, surely you don’t know what that is. Marry’s are the best Butter Scotches and Toffees in the world, they are my favorites. So, I went upstairs to my brothers room, got my 3 dollars back, even if it wasn’t fair for him, i was fair for me. I took my keys, and with a feeling of proudness for my idea, that actually needed to have a nobel prize, I went to Seven Eleven.

  Let me tell you everything you need to know about me. I am 15 years old and i am a student of Chamberlain High School, my mother’s name is Alice McDaniel, she is the one person that forces me to go for a walk each day. As you already know, I have a brother David – and all my family are just poor people living with him. As you may be, recognized before, I have a couple friends. Jeff Bro is one of them. Her normal name is Jenniffer Brown, but I call her Jeff, meanwhile she calls me Nick. As you can see, my life is not the most interesting one, the cause of that could be a small, boring town I am living in, or a lack of Marry’s? Who knows?

     At Seven Eleven I’ve met my cousin, who worked in the super-marcket. He is the one person that i meet only in a supermarket, or Yearly New Year family meeting. So I thought that I am so proud, so I don’t need to take my precious time of saluting him. And even without the guilty feeling, slowly and calmly, I went to the section of sweets. The Party Packs was always standing at the end of the big row, that contained fully of Resees, Skittles, Nerds, Hershey’s bars, Haribo, Butterfingers. Already at the middle i saw a lot of enormous chocolate bars, they were stretching all until the big end. But, no Merry’s at all. Nor small packs, nor big packs. At all. It was a big problem in my plan, enormous plan. Then, I decided that I should try to pass all the row one more time. Second time i see, all Milka’s chocolate, Butterfingers, Nerds, Skittles, Resses and no Merry’s. Well i thought that maybe it could be somewhere really down, so I can’t see it. Resees, Skittles, Nerds, Hershey’s bars, Haribo, Butterfingers. What is that? Next 20 minutes were passed, by searching more and more times. Then, I thought that maybe, they thought it could be better to be in an other row. There is my chance to get Merry’s, A much more bigger row of sales products. So, what do I see? Milky Way 2 by cost of one, not that time. Pringles Pizza plus Ketchup party packet, only for 4.55$! Well, I hate Ketchup, and today I need something sweet, as Merry’s. What do I see here? Hungry Jack, totally Funfetti, no, thank you, once i tried them and my stomach was at the 7th ring of ****. Than, I saw a small Party Size Packs. There were KitKats, AirNerds, even Oreo’s. But no Merry’s at all. After 5 minutes of staring at Jolly Rancher’s gummy bears sale advertising. I remembered, about my cousin. I was so dumb I forgot about him. So, really fast i went to the 3 row, where i once saw my cousin. He saw and recognized me. And without saying any “hello” or “Good Day!” I asked:

  • Can you please help me? I cant find Merry’s?!
  • Well, they must be in the row of sweets.

He said it like to a normal person that came to ask where is a small Colgate toothpaste.

  • I just was there, and there are none of them! Can you please give me some of your precious time and see, where are Merry’s!?

I got really angry, he works he earns money, for beeing disrespectful to his clients?

  • Ok, I will check.

Oh, finally, you know. But his tries to find any pack of Merry’s gave me exactly, nothing. So , with any packet of candies, and sadness i was walking out of Seven Eleven, but with a corner of my eye I saw the native package of big Marry’s. And very fast, as a tiger jumping on a small rabit, I jumped on this pack and with a big proudness that my plan wasn’t invented for nothing I went to the cass. With a happy and in the same greedy face I showed my cousin the big pack,

and putted Merry’s on the track.

To Be Continued…

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