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Busy Day

By @jw64708

A busy day

For two days straight I was busy I was catching up on my work for all my classes. I never worked on schoolwork for that long, and it was tiring because I had to almost over twenty assignments. Although, I worked through the assignments and got most of them done I stood up until midnight to make sure my assignments were done. I will never let myself get behind like that ever again, but sometimes I needed to take a break because you can’t finish everything all at once you could stress yourself. When I was caught up, I was so glad though I could play my game without worrying about my grades because I got them up to a passing grade.

The first day was very stressful, I couldn’t play my game, be on my phone, or go anywhere. I hate being stuck in the house just doing late work, watching YouTube videos, and doing nothing in the house I had to something. I really couldn’t call my friends because I am in a room with a computer doing nothing just work, but at the same time I wasn’t as bored because I had something to do and that was to get my grades up. It didn’t seem as tough when I looked at the assignments that I missed, but I spoke too soon I had some tough assignments I had to do I felt unrelieved that it was going to be slightly easy to do my assignments. I had to look at the lessons for a little bit, then I had to practice it so I can get a better understanding of it, finally I took a test or an activity about it. The first attempt on my test scored a 50 or a 60, I didn’t think that I wasn’t going to get through with my work because of my scores so I kept practicing the lessons.

The second day I felt a little better because I got majority of my work done and I was in a good mood for that day for some reason. I took a break as soon as I woke up, but I couldn’t let myself get too much of a break because I would get off track, and I would have to stay up in the midnight again like the last time I did. A special guest had come to my house, and it was my girlfriend, I felt happier when she came over to see me. Talking and playing with her was my break, but it had to end soon because I told her what happen with my grades, so she understood what needed to be done and stayed until I was finished with my work. It encouraged me in a way to get done quicker because I wanted to have fun and get out of the house, I had a thought in my head of just having fun with my girlfriend going places that we never been before. Those thoughts were sort of a distraction to me like a daydream, so I quickly got that thought out of my head and tried to finish my work. I would hate to not do those things with her and to stay at the house not doing nothing fun, but later I was almost finished with everything I felt relieved and confident that I was going to have fun.

In the afternoon of the second day, I was done with all my work I was happy, and my girlfriend was happy we could go out and have fun, it has been almost a month that me and my girlfriend has when out to go do something fun. We went to watch a movie, we played air hockey, and some alien game that she always wanted to play when she was little, so we played it and it was a fun game to play I really didn’t play arcade games like that when I was a kid too, but we got to do it together. We played for so long that we beat the whole game and almost set the highest record on the arcade game, after we was done, we had to put a name so we could save the name, but we could only add three letters for the name which I had already knew. She put in the letter luv because it meant love that was only name she had in mind though I couldn’t think of nothing too I would have chosen the same thing as too, after we left from the movies we went to my house and watched YouTube. She chose something to watch because I had nothing in mind that both of us could watch, so we watched something that she knows about, and I was new to what she was making me watch. I didn’t care though all I cared about is spending time with her and never have so much late work again.

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