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By @Joyful17

Look out at the sky,

And wonder why,

It is so beautiful.

Have you ever noticed a sunset

So stunning, a masterpiece?

Have you heard a dove’s duet,

And wonder who put the song there?

Can you look at a web, and marvel at chance?

Do you believe the lie, and refuse a prayer?

We can see the finished picture,

But if we look deeper,

We can see the brushstrokes,

And the poetic scripture.

Look, and truly see,

The loving hand,

And bended knee.

Painting a world truly to be enjoyed,

Playing with colours,

Lines and shapes toyed.

Can you see the Painter’s design?

The planning of the waterfall?

The blueprint of the moonshine?

The details are there, just open your eyes.

See the Master,

Infinitely wise.

Those calloused fingertips,

Sketching out a perfect world.

In concentration, pursed lips.

This earth that we call home,

Was planned for us.

Our minds always will roam,

But let’s bring them back to the Creator,

To worship Him,

Calling out, “Worthy is Him who is Greater!”

All you need to do is to see the brushstrokes,

And lay down your heavy burdened yoke. 

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