Bruised, Hurt, Scarred

By @MsAdd23
Bruised, Hurt, Scarred

Finley, age 17, has just gotten back from a year long kidnapping. This kidnapping is followed by horrendous nightmares that are repeatedly happening every single night. She never knew her kidnappers name, where he came from, or who he was before. She felt his presence ever since she got home, and she needs revenge. Join Finley on her adventure to avenge herself. This adventure is filled with mystery, suspense, and maybe even a little romance.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Finley’s POV 

I was running, but I didn’t have a clue where. It was darkness, but somehow I could see. There were emotions I couldn’t fathom coursing through my veins at a rapid speed. My blood was boiling with anger, confusion, love, hatred, betrayal. 

My body was severely cut and bruised because of the experience I had just gone through. No one should ever have to go through that ever. Not even the most hated person in the universe. 

I wasn’t thinking about running, my legs ran for me. My mind was caught up in the jumbled mess that had once been innocent, clean, and unafraid. Now it was ruined by that horrid person, not even. I was pretty sure that he was a spawn of the devil himself. No person imaginable in my mind would want to do the things that he did to me.

My nostrils were burning with the cold and putrid air that surrounded me and the city that was once beautiful. My feet were bare, but that didn’t matter, all I needed to do was to escape from this event in my life that I wished was a nightmare.

I kept running for what I believed to be at least 10 minutes. After that, I fell to the ground, incapable of going any farther. My hip was black and blue, there was no tan skin that was once there before. 

I examined my feet. They were cut and scraped so that there was not a space of skin that was left clean. There was blood covering me, some of it not my own. 

I looked at my hands. They were not the pretty and delicate hands that were once there. They were replaced by dirt and blood covered callouses. There was not one millimeter of my skin that was not blistered. 

I felt my hair. It was not the brown locks that were once there. The hair that now covered my body was black, red, and brown. I didn’t even want to think of the people that once lived, their blood now coated my body. 

My legs, they were bloodiest of all. I didn’t look at them, seeing as how I knew I would faint once I saw my own flesh not in the place it should be.

I gripped the brick wall of the building that hid me in this dark and lonely alley. I attempted to stand, but my legs gave up and I fell down to the hard, rock pavement. 

I let out an agonizing yell, quickly covering my mouth. I had forgotten how to cry months ago, so no salty water fell from my eyes. My throat was raw, completely unusable unless something hurt so much that my body resorted to yelling. I covered my screams and yells. I gave up yelling and screaming the names that once were my family and friends. I gave up asking and pleading. I was just mass in this cruel universe I once had hope for. 

Realization hit me like a train hits at full speed. What if I gave up completely? What if I screamed everything in my mind and I just let him come to me. What if I let him take me, do the things that he has done in the past year again? What if I did it and it made me smile? Would he be angered if the pain was comforting? Would he kill me and get it over with if he knew that pain was now my only friend in this universe? I didn’t know the answers to any of these questions. All I knew was that I needed to end this. Right now.

My next actions were out of pure wanting. I wanted this to end so quickly. The amount of pain and confusion that I was going though was indescribable. 

I stumbled up using the cold brick wall to help my breaking limbs from not falling off and back down to the ground. By now the blood on me was almost all of mine, still the brown and red blood of the others stuck to me like these bad memories that lingered in my head and will forever. 

I forced my head up so that I was staring at the burnt out street light that the alley ended with. With blood pouring out of my nose and mouth, I continued to somehow let go of the wall and start to trip over to the end of the dark alley. 

It seemed like years of tortuous pain when I finally reached the end of the only cover I had. 

He was near. I had gotten used to his feel and his presence. It made itself so known that I could sense him now 10 miles away. 

I stepped out of the darkness that held me safely until now. I limped to the middle of the street and stood there looking ahead. I saw red. 

My dizziness overtaking me, I fell to the ground. I wasn’t ready to give up now though, no. Not ever. Not until my last breath. I would never stop trying to find him and do the things that he did to me. I would make him suffer while I tell him that this is the pain that I survived through. I would make him pay for the things he did to me. I would teach him betrayal, pain, and anger. For real this time.

With all the anger inside of me, I got up off the ground and I stood where I had been before. I wiped the blood from my eyes and forehead fiercely. I stood there and looked at the headlights that stopped at the end of the street.

He gets out of the car. There he is. His stupid and pathetic blonde and brown hair. He pulls something from his pocket. Jet black, shiny. I know this is what I want. Does he? We will have to find out.

He walks over to my weak body that is about to break at any moment in time. He stops before me and looks me in the eye, the blood still draining from my figure. I don’t blink. He doesn’t either.

“I thought that you would escape me. Here you are! Thank God that I found you. I still have so many things that I planned to do with you! You left before the fun was finished,” he said calmly.

I didn’t have a chance to speak or make a sound. He pressed the gun to my stomach, his finger so close to the trigger. 

I reached down in my pocket. The solid object in my hand, I sociopathically pressed in the password that took so many months to figure out. 

“I know you have something of mine. I want it back.”

I know what I was doing on the device, not even glancing at it. I dialed the number. I did it. One more thing to do that would leave me to die happy. 

I took my hand and brought it up to his face. He was surprised by actions, but continued his glare at my eyes, as I did the same. 

The phone in my back pocket finally let out sounds.

“911, what is your emergency?”

At that second, it was a race against time, and my body. I pulled my hand down from his face in a quick movement and as soon as I did, pulled my knee up and in between his legs in a swift movement. 

He buckled down on the ground and yelled, trying to grab my ankles to pull me down with him, but I was too fast. I ran. I ran and I ran. As fast as I had ever ran in my entire life. I didn’t know how my body was doing this. I should be dead by now, but no. My body was running away from the person that I have feared for a year or more. 

I pulled the phone from my pocket while I was running and I put it against my ear.

“My name is Finley Roberts and I have been missing for what I think is a year. I have my capturer’s phone and I am running away from him right now,” I spoke to the woman quickly and rushed, but I can’t do any better. I am literally running for my life.

“Alright, miss. Do you know your location?”

She spoke so calmly like getting a call from a year long missing person is something she did everyday. Well, maybe she did.

“No, I don’t know my exact location but I will find the next street sign.”

“Very good miss. Just stay on the phone and when you get the street sign tell me and I’ll send the S.W.A.T team over. You are one of the most popular missing people in the whole country,” she stated. Like that information is any good right now!

I came up to a sign on a road once I ran a couple blocks down and over, looking over my shoulder to make sure that he wasn’t there. He wasn’t, luckily.

“The closest to where I am is at 72 Queen Ave,” I say, now stopped running.

“Ok just stay on the phone until the cars arrive, then you can go with them. Just stay with me ok?”

“Ok,” I responded, hesitantly.

What I didn’t see, what the black sports car pull up behind me. Hands on my waist. Phone thrown to the ground, stepped on. 

The familiar friend named fear came to me then, realizing that this is my last time here. The cold barrel stuck to my head. The loud banging noise came then, but no pain. Only pleasure. Everything was black from there.

I awoke, shooting up from my bed, drenched in sweat. I screamed as loud as I could. 

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