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Last Week

By @firecracker_demon

It was a beautiful day outside and I was relaxing under the shade of an oak tree. Everything was perfect, then I remembered what happened last week.

You had confessed your love and I didn’t respond very well. But that was a month ago.

You: I love you.

Me: I’m sorry.


I try again. A bad decision, really.

If you don’t like me, you can just say so instead of random stuff.

I just don’t want you to get hurt.

Then don’t hurt me.

We were happy for a short while, or at least I was. But you broke my heart.

Last week you quit responding to me. Ignored texts, calls, everything. You even ditched our plans and completely avoided me.

And then you called me. I was so happy! I thought you were coming back to me! I thought wrong.

You told me to quit trying to contact you. That you had somebody else, somebody you truly loved. That you never wanted to hear from or see me again. And that you hated me.

That really broke my heart. I didn’t let anyone in until you, and for that exact reason too. I didn’t want to get hurt. I never thought you would hurt me, so I let you in. Wow, what a mistake that was.

My Valentine’s Day would have been perfect, if it wasn’t for you breaking my heart last week.

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