By @meatloaf

An adventure of a bread maker who also happens to be a part-time knight. This expands back into the medieval times in a fantasy world where the items and so-called beasts are fantastical.

Chapter 1


Everyone starts off somewhere, right? Let’s say this one starts in a normal kingdom. You’ve got the casual high walls, the stands, the markets, the people. It is truly a beautiful sight, pleasing the eyes of mankind. The walls. . . blocking the outside from the in, what are they for? Any human with a sense of curiosity wonders this. The beautiful greenery being blocked off from the eyes of one, making the sense of adventure. This happened by accident, but the two jobs cooperate extremely well. The curious eyes of a bread maker, the paddle of the bread maker wielded as a weapon instead of a tool. An unlikely pair of course, but why not? As the sun rose on the kingdom, the darkness lighting up the sky with hope yet again, people telling themselves that the sun always rises, the outlook on an unusual person raises up. The introduction of our main character, Milo Auille Irving. A male, about in his mid twenties. He had jet black hair and eyes that figuratively glowed green.

* * *

“What do you mean only five gold?” Milo exclaimed at the creature. It appeared to be a massive racc(oo)n, and that creature bought anything! Story by the people is he’ll even buy trash straight from the ground.

“By five gold, I mean five gold!” The creature blurted at him. Milo, not amused, had a blank stare at the creature. He looked towards the fish in his hand, which was quite the rarity. He ran all the way to West Beach just to get it! Of course this involved threatening every creature he saw, screaming at it, then rushing away because it happened to be extremely deadly; it is extremely hilarious, but extremely dangerous. He looked towards the fish, his stare now turning into an extremely angered squint, then back to the creature.

“Due to the fact that this is a rare fish, I think it should be worth more than five measly gold!” Milo stated, almost shouting as he had raised his voice. “For some reason, I come back from West Beach, which by the way happens to be so far away, from an extremely deadly path just to not only be disappointed, but angered at you saying ‘Only five gold’.” He blurted in a solemn manner, trying not to be disrespectful. If there is a rule of selling, the first would be: DO NOT BE RUDE OR INSULT THE BUYER BECAUSE IT MAY MAKE THEM PAY LESS THAN BEFORE. Due to this being true, his expression turned to a nervous one, hoping he did not have to stick with a lower price.

The fat creature looked toward the fish once more, studying it.

“5,000 gold.” The creature said as he reached for the money ( which 4,000 is pretty average). Milo exhaled in relief, realizing how he is getting a standard price, hauled the fish over in exchange for the 4,000, waved goodbye, and then finally continuing along the kingdom path. His face was lit up as he was still thinking of the astonishing price he got; he is quite the negotiator! Still trotting along the path, there is bound to be trouble, right? Of course there is, lets get to it!

As he walked further, he heard a voice cry out. The unexpectedness of it made him turn to where he thought it was coming from. This led to him staring upwards at the convenient situation happening. He inspected the situation, seeing a woman trapped, calling out. Milo, not really the “hero” type, grabbed a stone off the ground. He retracted his hand, reeling it back, then, pushing it forward, released the stone with sheer force. The stone ended up flying upwards, eventually making connection with the stranger, slamming into her head. A random voice announced “INSTANT K.O.!” This made Milo jump! He was extremely terrified! Milo, who had now gripped his bread-making paddle, started to run as fast as he could. He frequently looked behind him, checking if anyone was there. Eventually, after about two torturous minutes of running, he made it back to the shop. Gripping the handle, he yanked the door open, barging in, and slammed it shut.

“What the actual hell was that?!” He shouted as he held the door shut.

“What was… what?” The voice responded, obviously confused.

“You didn’t hear that shouting out of nowhere? It sounded like an announcer or something. I’m so confused!” His tone started to lower as the adrenaline left his body.

The unknown figure that had spoke earlier now entered the room. What a familiar face! Well, to Milo it was. However to you, the reader, it is not! Allow me to introduce him. Jack Oliver Kelly, Milo’s best of the best, greatest, best friend! He looked similar, but not similar at all. You’ve got the jet black hair, bright blue eyes, around mid twenties as well, but they were just different somehow.

“Kelly!” Milo exclaimed excitedly, “I want to go on an adventure!”

Without time to react, Kelly watched as Milo gripped the door, dragged it open, and walked himself out.

“Milo, hold up!” Kelly, practically at a yell, said as he was scrambling his items together.


The two marched along the wilderness, weapons at the ready, armor all intact, ready to protect both themselves and each other. Of course, they had some extremely weird creatures out in the wilderness. They make look small, but they’ve got a big personality!

“Hey, Milo! Where are we going anyways?” Kelly asked with a very, very concerned look.

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