Boxed is Always Better

By @Georgewy6193

Boxed is Always Better

By @Georgewy6193

Trying to save the enviorment.

Chapter 1

George Yanssens

Mrs. White

English IV

8 February 19

Boxed Is Always Better

A big issue throughout the world today is all the plastic waste just throw around in ecosystems, throughout the cities and urban areas basically anywhere people just want to throw there trash. Plastic waste is one of the biggest contributors to the waste that is destroying ecosystems around the world. Therefore I think that schools should start selling biodegradable boxed water instead of bottle waters because then even if people throw them into nature the boxes will dissolve back into the eco system without harming them. I visited a college over Christmas break and they had boxed waters there for people to use instead of bottled waters. Boxed water would reduce the amount of plastic waste in our ecosystems right now. The ecosystems are decreasing in size dramatically because of the pollution and landfills, and selling bottled water would really help decrease the amount of plastic waste around the world.

Most people know about how there is tons of pollution but they don’t know about about the causes that it has on our ecosystems and how it could affect us in the future. Some of the affects that the polluting of trash into oceans is it kills animals such as whales, turtles, fish, almost about any sea creature you can think about. One incident was where “a 33-foot sperm whale found dead on a Spanish beach had more than 60 lb of garbage in its digestive system” ( Miexler 1). There was also another incident with a pilot whale where the coastal guards tried to save the pilot whale but it died days later because of about 8 kg of plastic waste found in its stomach. This shows that with all the trash people are just throwing out and thinking that nothing will happen to the trash they throw out but there wrong it’s causing animals to died and destroying ecosystems at an alarming rate. There are so many water bottles sold at schools every year and those bottles barley end up into the trash or recycling cans. These bottles usually land in rivers witch flow out into the oceans and witch cause the whales and other fish die. Also forest are getting destroyed because of all the pollution being just thrown where ever people want to throw there bottles. This is causing animals to go extinct and destroying wonderful places where people to go swimming. In the USA today magazine it said “2,410,00 metric tons of plastic waste into the oceans manually. Two-Thirds of this input comes from the 20 most-polluting rivers.” ( USA Today Magazine 1). This is showing how much we littler and how that no matter where we just throw the bottles they do get out to see and into animals ecosystems. If humanity keeps littering at the rate that we are at now our food supply will drop dramatically because of all the animals that will be killed because of the trash. Secondly humanity’s overall health will drop because of all the trash and pollution everywhere witch will make it very easy for disease to spread. Lastly if we keep this rate of pollution up is the climate will change and the layers of the ozone will be destroyed and then will cause people’s overall health to lower then as the overall health decreases the hospital bills will increase tremendously and then there will be no place for economic output. There would be lots of benefits though if we started to change and reduced the amount of plastic waste and pollution like the air and water would be about 100 times cleaner. Also there would be no more news articles or tv shows talking about how there are piles and piles of trash throughout the ocean killing hundreds of thousands of animals a year. Also it would show the younger generations how the earth should be treated and how you should dispose of your trash. By making just one little change at a time you help put the future of this world in good hands and maybe keep humanity alive for longer so that we aren’t fiver in trash in the next couple hundred years.

Ways that our community could start trying to lower the amount of plastic waste being used and thrown away is our school could start selling boxed water instead of bottle water. This would cost about the same amount as bottled water but would help our environment so much more. Also I think that if our school starts using them that’s it will spread throughout the whole district and maybe it will just keep getting bigger. This would help so much with our community because when I am driving home from school I see plastic bottles on the side of the road, and I also see a lot of plastic bottles around the saluda rive when I go there during the summer. Another pro to using boxed waters would be it would stop destroying the ecosystems and it will stop killing hundreds of animals that died each year because of plastic waste. Other people have already started this movement to help get rid of plastic waste throughout the ecosystems. One company that is doing this is called just water and they are making paper based water bottles so that they can lower the use of bottled water so they can help the environment get rid of all the plastic bottles. They are selling these bottles to anyone who wants to buy them and 82 percent of every water bottle is plant derived. There are also business partners with there community glen falls so that when just water grows in profit the community of glen, falls grows also and becomes less polluted. Another company that is trying to reduce plastic waste is ELKAY water fountains and they have made a water fountain that makes it super easy to refill your water bottle instead of just throwing it out. They have installed these water fountains all over the United States and it has slowly started to decrease the pollution of plastic water bottles. This company has really started something that is really helping the environment and in a big way. They are also getting clean and healthy water to schools around the world this company is really making a difference. These company’s are really making a difference and this idea of selling boxed water to schools in the Lexington could start a huge domino effect and maybe become a huge factor for reducing all the plastic bottles and pollution throughout the world. 

The pollution throughout the globe is getting worse by the day. The environment is getting destroyed, animals are dying, and ecosystems as a whole are getting worse and worse by the day. There really needs to be more people trying to fix this problem but to start to fix it boxed waters should be sold around in the Lexington county because there is so much plastic waste just throw around and it’s also getting thrown into the saluda river witch gets pushed out into others rivers and finally into the ocean where some of the biggest problems are at and where all the trash piles up into huge islands of trash where thousands of ocean creatures die every year. So but starting small with the boxed waters and then growing and then selling the boxed water to around the U.S. then around the globe. These boxed water could make a huge difference in the long run and could help thousands. Also you know what the boxed is always better and also when you open the box it’s full of surprises like a change is how people look at the world and how the dispose of there trash.

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