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By @KiaEmily112

Chapter 1

Cassie Martinez-

I bury my head into my legs as the tears slowly start to fall. I can’t take it anymore. All of the lying, all of the hiding around, and keeping secrets. I can’t do it. Not anymore. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I look up.

“Look, I know I’m the last person you want to see right now but, we need to talk this out.” My best friend Kyle Anderson says sincerely.

“Boi, You’re a freakin witch. There’s nothing to talk about.” I shake my head.

“Yeah but, you need to understand that I’m not the only person who is . There are Vampires, Werewolves, Shades, and more amazing things to this world Cas.”

“How can you tell I’m a vampire Ky? I never told you I got turned

“I can sense it.” He proclaims simply. I stand up run my hands through my hair. I start to walk away but, he catches my wrist and pulls me back down beside him.

“How many days Cassie? Tell me now! This is serious! I can’t have you running around killing people all over Richmond!” I sigh and open my mouth to tell him but, the pain. The pain and craving for blood is back. It ripples through my body throwing me into a spasm.

“Cassie!” Kyle shouts picking me up in his arms. He shakes me. “Cassie!” I manage to get a few words out before I pass out.


Jovan Burleigh –

“Jovi! Open the door!” Someone that sounded like Kyle shouted pounding on the door. I had been playing some Cod with Denzel when I heard the pounding.

“Alright I will be back Den, someone is pounding on my door.”I sigh.

“Aight, I will be here when you get back.” His british accent making me smile. I put my controller down and rush out of the living room to open the door. I twist the door knob and Kyle rushes in holding a girl in his arms. She had brown hair and a small pointed nose. She was beautiful. No, Jovi, stop. You have a girlfriend. Kyle hands her to me and I take her out into the living room and sit her on the couch.

“Go grab a small package of blood out of the fridge in the basement.” I add. Kyle nods his head and takes off out into the kitchen. I look at the girl laying beside me. She looked so familiar but, how? I know I know her from somewhere. But, Where?


“Jovan! Yo Jovan!” Someone that sounds like Kyle shouts. I turn around and sure enough there’s Kyle and a girl with a small pointed nose and long brown hair.

“Aye Kyle what up cuz?” Den grins.

“Nothin much just wanted to come and introduce you to a friend of mine that I thought you guys should meet. We’ve been friends since Elementary school. She has helped me through everything. All the gang ****. She literally came and got me last week, cleaned me up, and smacked me across the head for scaring her.” Kyle laughs. She punches him in the arm and laughs with him. “Jovi and Denzel meet Cassie.” She smiles and waves. ****…so beautiful.

*End of Flashback*

This is the girl I met at that party last year. She wasn’t Vampire then. Vampires aren’t even supposed to be feeding on humans anymore. It’s against Vampire law. I shake my head in distress. WHo would do this to her?

“Here I’ll let u do the honors.” Kyle exclaims walking into the room and handing me the package of blood. I take it and tip it into her mouth. She starts to calm down and falls into a deep sleep.

“That should hold her for another 24 hours Kyle.” He shakes his head.

“Isn’t it against the law to feed on humans now?”

“As far as I know it’s been a law for 15 years. Since the last time Vampires almost got exposed.” I sigh in deep thought. Who could have turned her? It’s against the law for every Vampire not just here in Richmond. Sure we have Vampire council but, every council from every state, chose to make it a law. Besides who would be stupid enough to even consider turning someone. That’s instant death. As in throat ripped out and a stake to the heart instant death.

“Then…who would be stupid enough to turn her?” He asks concerned.

“I don’t even know.” I shrug my shoulders but then a thought creeps into the back of my mind…Wait. There is one person stupid enough to stoop that low and not get caught. My older brother Marcus.

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