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By @Morphio


Cielo was destined to give birth to the next cycle of the twins of the sun and the moon.It was going as it always has,right after the current twins died their souls zoomed back to her and they were to be rebirthed as new people.

Abantu,a god often forgotten,decided to use this chance rebel against the rein of Cielo,who was so far the queen.He cast a curse on the soon to be born twins.They would share one body but be 2 souls,constantly fighting for control.He sacraficed in total fifty of his minions.Including his own child.And his own left hand.

Cielo was alerted of the curse and did her best to destroy it.But the only way to kill a sacraficial curse is with more sacrafices than what were used to create it.She didnt want to have to sacrafice any of her people,so she did what she could.She was able to put some limits to the curse.

The curse after she did her best had the following limitations

Sol and Luna could only take control during their time of power,Day for Sol and Night for Luna.

Whenever one took power,the other would still be there awake capable of taking control whenever their time of power was.

They still obeyed natural rules within the other’s body.As in,they had a form and a bedroom designed to their choosing.

Whoever was in control first would stay in control for the first 16 years of their life.

Orden,the god of Order and trading and who had to process and create the rules for curses,had to put some rules to mitigate what she put.In exchange for mitigating it without sacrafice she had to allow them to live on earth like a half-humanoid until sixteen,when they would go along the process of coming to the otherworld like any other half humanoid,and who hadnt had control would be capable of gaining control after that point.She couldnt care for them as children,they were put into an adoption center and adopted by someone the 2nd day after their birth.And she had to sacrafice something,so in willingness she gave him seven vials of her blood.

She gave up some of her most powerful resource in exchange to mitigate a curse.She didnt wish to sacrafice many lives in order to save two.She couldnt bear to do something like that to her own people.

And in the middle is Aria,an actual half-humanoid,tagging along,not knowing what is coming up.

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