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By @aye_its_alana3

Wishes and Fears

I am afraid of bees

I am afraid of spiders

I am afraid of wasps

I am afraid of hornets

I am even afraid of knives

I am afraid of sharks

I am afraid of mountain lions

I am afraid that I will come into contact with a bear and not know what to do

I am afraid that I will forget to do an assignment for school

I am even afraid that I will get lost at an amusement park

I want Elizabeth and Hannah to get adopted soon

I want to write more stories on Storybird

I want to organize my room and change it up a little bit

I want a pet dog 

I even want a new Chromebook

I want to visit my cousins and my aunt and uncle who live in Illinois

I want to be kind

I want to love one another

I want to be myself

And I want to believe in God forever

Most of all I want to go to heaven when I die

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