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By @aye_its_alana3


Not a box of chocolates or a kiss on the cheek.

I give you pepper. 

It is a patch of sand covered in black ash.

It promises darkness

Like the eeriness of a night sky. 


It will cause you to sneeze uncontrollably

Like pollen. 

It will make all of our memories blow away

Until there’s nothing left.

I am trying to be honest. 

Not a valentine with your name on it or a teddy bear with a heart. 

I give you pepper. 

Its strong scent will stay in your nose, 

Purposeful and determined

As we are, 

For as long as we are. 

Take it.

Its little, gray pebbles will grow into a gem on a ring, the color of a storm,

If you like. 


Its scent will cling to your mind, 

Cling to your life.

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