Bokuto fluff!

By @wintersoldierforever
Bokuto fluff!

Bokuto fluff because I love him so much :) I think it's a fem! reader because he uses the nickname "princess". I do requestesssss

Inspired by: Haikyuu

Chapter 1

I love him so much uwu

You’re laying in bed, all cozied up with the fluffy comforter and new pillows. Only one thing’s missing.

“Bo?” You call out from your spot.

“Yeah?” Bokuto’s voice responds. His upper body pops out from the corner, his big amber eyes looking at you lovingly. “What’s wrong, Princess?” He asks, stepping into the room, his broad figure blocking the door.

“Cuddle meeeee” You say in a baby voice, reaching your hands towards him.

“Baby I can’t, I have homework to do,” He says, scrunching his eyebrows. He steps closer and rubs your forehead. “Give me ten minutes to finish, ok?” He says, looking at you. You reach up to touch his head, hair flopped on his face from a shower. You pull the back of his neck down and give him your ok by kissing him. He peppers your cheeks and forehead with little kisses before stepping away to close the blinds.

“Ten minutes!” He says, walking out. In that short time span, you fall asleep. So when you feel the bed dip with Bokuto’s weight, you wake up.

“Hm..?” You hum, eyes half closed.

“Shh, baby, go back to sleep.” He rests his hand on your hand lowers it to the pillow. Laying down next to you, he rubs your hair and back while you fall asleep.

“I love you, Kotaro…” you whisper. He wraps his arms around you and kisses your ear.

“I love you too, Y/N” 

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