Blue Stars

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

There was an echoing sound. A woman was woken up. She looked at the watch on her arm. 3 A.M. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she got up. It was only her and her child. “Quinn,” she saw an innocent face. “What?” she wondered. Quinn jumped on her. “What?” she asked again. “Alright,” she huffed. 3 A.M.

Outside, there was fire and smoke everywhere.

The neighbors of the woman woke up. “Did you hear that?” the man asked. “What?” his girlfriend asked. He opened the curtain. “What in the world?” he gasped. “What?” she asked. “Look,” he beckoned her over. “Oh my,” she looked. “I’m calling the police and the fire department,” she grabbed the phone. “The news too,” he suggested. “On it,” she dialed.

The woman was walking the desert. She had a bed head, was wearing a robe over her pajamas and slippers on her feet. “Quinn, where are we going?” she yawned. “At 3 in the morning,” she followed. “What’s gotten in you?” she wondered.

Quinn walked past their neighbor’s house. “Quinn,” the woman chased after her. The neighbor’s front door opened. “Layla,” the man waved. “Good morning,” Layla smiled. “Layla,” he tried again. “Quinn’s on one of her exploring ventures, gotta go,” Layla sighed. He walked back into the house.

Quinn stopped suddenly. There was smoke everywhere. It began to pour. “That’s strange, it rains here, but not a complete downpour,” Layla shivered. She looked around. She stopped at a deep ditch. She jumped in. No. Way.

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