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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 9: Lennox Hopper

After Norman confronted Henri, the officers take Henri to the polygraph room, so that Henri could take a lie detector test. They strapped him to the lie detector chair.

“Did you terrorize Leanna Brooklyn’s family home?” asked the lie detector administrator named Harry Russell. “No.” said Henri. The lie detector chair shocks Henri, revealing that he is a liar. “Were you trying to find Leanna?” asked Harry. “No.” said Henri. The lie detector chair shocks Henri again. “Did you leave your evidence at their home?” said Harry. “No.” said Henri. The lie detector chair shocks him for the third and final time.

The lie detector had been finished, they unstrapped Henri, and puts him in cell. Norman is examining around the lost and found room. Norman gets a vision.

In his vision…

There was an inmate named Lennox Hopper, who is a former businessman and a fraud escapes from prison and plans to continue his fraud career.

At the end of his vision…

Norman started to feel shocked about his vision, Arthur came to check on him.

“Norman, are you OK, man?” said Arthur. “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just I had a vision, that’s all.” said Norman. “About?” said Arthur. “A fraud escapes from jail.” said Norman. “Oh, god, Norman. I believe visionaries, they are not that bad to me. If you had a vision again, let me and/or my group know. OK, buddy.” said Arthur. “Yeah.” said Norman.

The Next Day…

Norman and his group are at the court, testifying Henri’s case.

“So, Henri, are you sure that you are probably proven innocent?” said the judge. “Yes, I am sure, your Honor.” said Henri, lying. “But the police and the teenage group had your lie detector results. Norman, will you announce the results.” said the judge. “Yes, sir, your honor.” said Norman.

“The first question is did you terrorize Leanna Brooklyn’s home, Henri said no. The second question is were you trying to find Leanna, he said no as well. The third and final question is did you leave the evidence at their home, he also said no. It is reveals that Henri is a thief and a liar.” said Norman. 

Everyone in the court gasped with dismay (including Henri).

“Lying to me and the whole court, eh?” said the judge. “No.” said Henri. “The results said you were.” said one of Henri’s attorneys. “Henri Acker, you pleaded guilty for theft, multiple shoplifting and terrorizing the family home. You will be sentenced to 17 years in prison.” said the judge. “What?” said Henri.

The guards take Henri to jail, so that he can be on 17-year sentence.

“I will return, Norman. I will return for vengeance.” whispered Henri.

That Night… The guards put Henri in a cell, they locked him up behind him. There was a 35-year old fraudster named Lennox Hopper who was in prison for 6 years, he was sentenced to life for hacking the internet and steals identities from people.

“Hey, why are you here?” said Lennox. “I was on my 17-year sentence because I terrorized the girl’s home and planned to find her.” said Henri. “Gosh.” said Lennox. “Yeah. I took a lie detector, but then I failed.” said Henri. “Wow.” said Lennox. “I wish I want to escape from this cell room.” said Henri. “OK, here’s a plan. How about we can get out of jail together?” said Lennox. “How?” said Henri. “I got a hair clip in my pocket.” said Lennox.

Lennox unlocks the cell door, freeing himself. He then unlocks Henri’s cell, freeing him as well. 

The duo escaped from prison, the guards finds them escaped.

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