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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 8: Confrontation between Norman and Henri

After they arrested Henri for shoplifting… Henri got his mugshot taken and is put into custody. Norman was wondering if he could confront Henri in the interrogation room.

“Hey, Norman. What are you thinking about?” asked Malaysia. “I’m thinking about confronting Henri.” said Norman. “Are you sure you’re gonna do this in the interrogation room?” asked Malaysia. “Yes, I’m sure.” said Norman, slightly worried. “I don’t want you criticize him, because I feared if he’s gonna do something bad to you.” said Malaysia. “I’ll be fine, Malaysia. I won’t criticize him, I got to confront him.” said Norman. “OK, be careful in there.” said Malaysia. “I will.” said Norman.

Norman goes in the interrogation room, he sits to talk to Henri who is suspicious of what he had done.

“Tell me, did you terrorize the missing girl’s home?” Said Norman. “No, I haven’t.” said Henri, lying. “You know you can’t keep it a secret, just admit what you have done or else they will put you in a lie detector test.” said Norman. “No, I told you I did not terrorize that home.” said Henri. “Me and my group found your evidence and your fingerprints on the glass. I’m afraid that I’m gonna tell them to put you in a lie detector test to prove that you are lying, you let this happen to the missing girl before. Why did you terrorize her home?” said Norman. “Because I was fixing my rocket and it breaks in the window.” said Henri. “That is not what happened, I still don’t trust you. I’ve examined your fingerprints, analyzed them, and then printed out the results.” said Norman.

“You had my fingerprints?” said Henri, smirking at Norman. “See the results?” said Norman, with a disgusted look on his face.

Norman shows the DNA fingerprinting results to Henri, Henri’s fingerprints were shown.

“That doesn’t even look like my fingerprints a little.” said Henri. “They are your fingerprints. And, also, I’m still gonna tell the cops to put you in the lie detector test to prove that you are a thief and a liar.” said Norman. 

Norman leaves the interrogation room, leaving Henri sitting there.

“I don’t like that criminal.” said Norman. “Did he tell a lie?” said Malaysia. “Yep, I’m about to tell them to put him in a lie detector.” said Norman. “Oh, Norman.” said Malaysia. “I don’t trust him, he’s such a liar.” said Norman. “Nobody trusted him, let’s go have a talk with the police officers about him together, that will be great idea.” said Malaysia as she comforts him. “OK.” Said Norman.

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