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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 7: Identifying and Finding the Suspect

After searching for evidence from the family home, Norman and his group went to the police station to give the evidence to the DNA researchers.

David, Madilyn, and Serena examines the finger-printed glass shard from the broken window. Norman researches the evidence on the computer, he printed out the fingerprint results. He places the results in the scanning machine, so the scanning machine will identify the suspect. As it is scanning for the suspect’s identity, Norman told one of the police officers that the scanning machine is identifying the suspect.

The scanning machine finished scanning for the suspect’s identity, the suspect is Henri Acker. Norman takes the results out of the scanning machine, he makes the seeking information poster of Henri Acker. 

“Guys, I think I know who is the suspect.” said Norman. “Who’s the thief?” asked David. “Henri Acker is the thief who terrorizes the girl’s family home and is out there looking for her.” said Norman. “Gosh, my mother knows him. She knows him since high school, they were like classmates together.” said Serena, shocked. “They are?” said Norman. “Yeah, she even told me that Henri was acting strange before. He even steals things from others, he got 5 mugshots for stealing and shoplifting.” said Serena. “Gosh, never heard of him.” said Malaysia. “Let’s go find him and then the missing girl.” said Norman. “I agree with you, Norman.” said Arthur.

That Night… The suspect named Henri Acker walks into the shoe store, Arthur and Madilyn follows him.

“There you are!” shouted Arthur, at Henri.

Henri turned his head to see Arthur and Madilyn caught him, he steals the pair of shoes, and runs off. Arthur and Madilyn runs after him.

As they are running, Malaysia blocks Henri’s way, and then Serena handcuffs him.

“Henri Acker, you are under arrest for terrorizing the girl’s home and stealing again. Let’s go take you to the police station, so that the cops will put you in jail.” said Norman as he came to confront Henri.

“Great job, Norman.” said Arthur.

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