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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 5: Omar

At the family home, Norman and his group investigates around the home. Malaysia’s ex boyfriend Omar Satterlee and his companions came by to meet Malaysia.

“Hey, Malaysia. What’s going on out there, boo?” said Omar. “Omar, for the last time, I am not your girlfriend anymore. You cheated on me last year, I did not give you a chance, and that I don’t accept your apology. You’re a cheater and a liar, I ended my friendship with one of my hottest friends Violet because you used her as one of your lovers. I deleted contacts from her, I also don’t accept her apology as well. She even stole my 16-year old cousin’s wallet, I called the cops on her, she got arrested, and then the cops returned the wallet to my cousin.” said Malaysia. “Oh, Malaysia. I just want you back.” said Omar. “Well, I’m not buying it.” said Malaysia.

“Who’s that little freak right behind you?” asked Omar, asking Malaysia about Norman. “Excuse me?” said Norman. “That’s right, you.” said Omar. “Omar, stop it.” said Malaysia. “I’m Norman Hammerton, why are you picking on me?” said Norman. “Because you are her new boyfriend.” said one of Omar’s companions, Danny Ion. “I’m not her new boyfriend.” said Norman. “Yeah, he’s not my boyfriend. Leave us out of this.” said Malaysia. “Never in my life, love.” Said Omar. “This is Omar, my ex boyfriend.” Said Malaysia. “Your ex?” Said Norman.

“Yeah, he cheated on me with few girls and then one of my friends who is now my former friend.” Said Malaysia. “Gosh.” Said Norman. “Why don’t you leave Malaysia out of this.” said Omar. “I didn’t do anything. Why don’t you and your boyfriends leave us alone while we are solving this mystery.” said Norman, softly.

Malaysia shocked and then impressed by Norman, Omar and his friends were dismayed and shocked.

“What did you say to me?” said Omar.

“You heard him, leave.” said Arthur.

“This is not over, Malaysia. I’m still going to terrorize you and Norman.” said Omar as he and his friends leave.

“God, I hate this lying dude.” said Malaysia. “Why did he have to be so rude to me?” said Norman, wondering and confused. “Don’t worry about him, he’s just jealous.” said Malaysia. “Oh, why does he want you back?” said Norman. “Well, I always don’t take him back after I broke up with him last year. I’m single again, though.” said Malaysia. “Oh.” said Norman. “So, don’t worry about him. He is such a lying rebel. In by the way, thanks for telling him off. for me.” said Malaysia as she winked at Norman. “You’re welcome.” said Norman.

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