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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 4: The Investigation Group

This Afternoon…

It is after lunch break, there was an 18-year old boy named Arthur Lavender came by to talk to Norman.

“Hey, man.” said Arthur. “Hey, can I help you with something?” said Norman. “I heard that you lost your parents in a tornado accident, one of my friends Malaysia told me.” said Arthur. “She told you about the loss of my parents?” said Norman. “Yep, she did. We’re in the investigation group.” said Arthur. “Investigation group?” said Norman, confused. “Yep, so do you want to join? If not, it is alright.” said Arthur. “I gotta go tell my sister to ask her can I join the investigation group.” said Norman. “Sure, that will be fine.” said Arthur.

Norman goes to tell Advika.

“Hey, Advika.” said Norman. “Yes?” said Advika. “Some boy asked me can I join the investigation group, do you think I can go join him and his group?” said Norman. “I think so, little brother. Besides, I joined one of the school clubs called the scavenging club when I was 9 years old. It’s OK to join the group, if you’re ready.” said Advika. “OK, I might as well join them.” said Norman. “Good, I want you to be a good member to them. Don’t just give up, continue solving cases in the world like the other detectives.” said Advika. “OK, I won’t give up. I’ll do my best.” said Norman. “That’s my little brother.” said Advika.

Norman came back to talk to Arthur.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” said Norman. “Alrighty, you are in, dude.” said Arthur.

When Arthur asked Norman to join his investigation group, Norman joins in as a new member. “Welcome to our group, Norman. I was the one who told Arthur about your dark past, so I just wish that you would like to come join me and my group-mates.” said Malaysia. “You told your group about it?” said Norman. “Yep, I did.” said Malaysia. “OK, guys, we have a mission. Some girl disappeared after the thief breaks in her family home, the thief was out there to find her, but got away with his crime. You’re Norman, right?” said Madilyn, one of the investigation group members.

“Yes, I am.” said Norman. “Well, it is your first day.” said Madilyn. “OK, guys, let’s go find the girl and find out who is a thief.” said Henry. Norman and the investigation group were on their mission, it is Norman’s first time.

“Good luck on your case, little brother.” said Advika. “Thanks, wish me luck.” said Norman as he leaves with his group.

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