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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 2: The Tornado

The Next Day… The couple, Advika, and their new baby son Norman returned home from the hospital. Nevaeh and Maverick takes Norman to his new room and then puts him into the crib.

“Honey, I’m so happy that our son came to the world.” said Nevaeh. “Me, too.” said Maverick. Nevaeh and Maverick watches their son sleeping.

Two years later…

Norman is now 2 years old and began walking, he and a 15-year old Advika were having a good sibling bond together. The family had adopted their male Siberian Husky puppy and named him Luther, they loved their new dog, especially Norman.

Advika is now in high school, she made new friends and made good grades, and she made contacts with her old friends from her middle school. Shelia works at the veterinary center.

Five years later… 

It was a very windy day in the fall season, some schools and job places are closed, due to a stormy weather.

A 7-year old Norman was playing with Luther the dog, his sister Advika is 19 years old and she graduated from high school. Their parents were worried about the weather.

“Honey, I’m really scared for our kids’ lives. The weather is bad out there.” said Nevaeh. “Me, too, hon. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that we will find somewhere safe, OK?” Said Maverick, cheering his wife up. “OK.” Said Nevaeh, worried.

“Um, Norman. I think we should go inside, before something terrible will happen.” said Advika as she looked at her phone saying that there is a tornado warning approaching and tries to protect her brother Norman by taking him and Luther inside.

“What do you mean?” said Norman. “There’s a tornado warning going on.” said Advika. “A tornado warning?” said Norman.

The clouds started to pour rain, the wind started to blow harder, and then the tornado is now approaching.

“Kids, let’s get out of here. Get Luther.” said Maverick as he and Nevaeh run from their home and calls for their kids to follow them. “Let’s go, Norman.” said Advika.

Advika, Norman and their dog Luther run along with their parents, while some of the people (including Shelia) run to the shelter. Maverick was sucked up by the tornado, which devastates Nevaeh.

“DADDY!” Shouted Norman.

When Nevaeh, her kids, and Luther went inside the shelter, Nevaeh sees an teenage girl who has her foot stuck in the fence.

“Keep your little brother safe. I gotta risk my life by saving a girl’s life.” Said Nevaeh. “Wait, what?” said Advika, concerned. “But, what about you, mom?” said Norman, starting to cry. “Oh, Norman. I want you and your sister be safe, I probably will not make it. So, be safe. I gotta go save her.” said Nevaeh as her tears were flowing.

Nevaeh runs to save the teenage girl from the tornado, Norman started screaming for his mom while crying as his sister and his aunt directs him not to go follow Nevaeh. Nevaeh pulls the fence off of the teen girl’s foot, the girl quickly runs to the shelter, and Nevaeh is also sucked up by the tornado.

“NO, MAMA!” Shouted Norman, crying. “Norman, she’s gone. We gotta be safe.” said Advika, crying.

This Afternoon before dusk…

The tornado stops, everyone leaves their shelters to see what happened after the tornado. Norman and Advika lost their parents. Norman started crying again, Advika comforts him with a warm hug.

“Norman, it’s OK. Our parents are gone.” said Advika. “Oh, my poor nephew. It’s OK, I’ll take care of you, your sister, and your dog. Wouldn’t that be alright?” said Shelia. “Mm, hmm.” said Norman as his tears were still falling out of his eyes. “Come here, give me a hug.” said Shelia. 

Shelia gives Norman a cheer up hug.

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