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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 16: Norman's New Beginning

2 weeks later… 

Lennox Hopper was arrested for kidnapping, attempted hacking, and also escaping from jail, he is sentenced again to life without parole. Norman’s childhood friend Percy is recovering from the hospital, he began to move on and live on his life.

Norman began his career as an investigator of the Gold Snake group, he started his happiness again in order to move on from his dark past. He and Malaysia are romantic love interests. Advika falls pregnant, she is expecting a baby girl.

Norman and his friends are at the graveyard where Norman’s parents were buried, Norman meets his late parents’ gravestone.

He places the flowers on his parents’ gravestone. “Hi, Mom, hi dad, it’s me Norman. I’m doing great, I’m moving from my dark past affecting me. I made some new friends and joined their investigation, my friend Percy is moving on after his girlfriend died in a car accident. I miss you so much with all of my heart, I wish you were here. I’m living my best life today this year, I just want you to know this. Advika is having my niece coming soon, we don’t know who’s the father of her baby, but we’ll find out sooner or later. I’m doing a lot of better back then, I’m excited about my niece coming on the way. I saved the day 2 weeks ago, Lennox Hopper got arrested and sentenced to life again back in prison. Love you, mom and dad.” said Norman, talking to his parents’ grave.

Norman and his group began to leave the graveyard. 

Norman’s investigator career is just a beginning.

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