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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 15: Lennox vs. Norman

Arthur drives a van to find the location where Lennox and Henri take Malaysia at, while Norman and the members are in the back. Madilyn pulls out her GPS from her backpack. The GPS shows the location where Lennox has been located at.

“I got it, he’s at the cable landing station where he took Malaysia.” said Madilyn. “Good searching, Madilyn.” said Savannah. 

As they drive to the same direction to find the cable landing station, they have found it. They find Lennox taking Malaysia to the next level of the cable landing station, they get out of the van, and run inside the station. Lennox straps Malaysia to a machine, Norman and his friends find a bag of money, and takes it from Lennox.

“Lennox!” asked Norman as he and his friends arrived at the next level. “Well, Norman. You made it just in time.” sad Lennox. “How did you know my name?” asked Norman. “Well, I met your father at my old job, along with Malaysia’s father. They both end a friendship me for being a fraud and for embezzling the money when I got arrested. Your father and I were also good friends until it happened, he was so suspicious of me all the time when I do something evil. Give me the money or your beautiful friend will perish, it’s gonna be a trade.” said Lennox.

Norman gives Lennox the money. “Now, can you give Malaysia back to us?” said Norman. “Nope, I think not.” said Lennox. “What? Why?” asked Arthur. “You goons think I’m gonna take your member back, not. I’m still gonna keep her and nothing’s gonna stop me.” said Lennox. “I wouldn’t say that.” said Advika.

Advika knocks Lennox out by kicking him in the head, much to Norman and the group’s amazement. “That’s your sister?” said Samuel. “Yeah.” said Norman. “She’s so hot.” said Samuel.

Advika unties Malaysia, freeing her. “Let’s get out of here.” said Norman.

Norman and the others began to leave, but Lennox breaks the machine, causing the cables to pop off.

“This is not over.” said Lennox as he stands up after being knocked out. Lennox grabs Malaysia and holds her hostage.

“If you wanna fight, you gotta go through me.” said Norman. “OK, if you say so.” said Lennox. 

Norman and Lennox prepared to fight, while the others are watching. Lennox punches Norman, he punches back, but misses. Lennox slams him down to the ground. “Do you really think you’re tougher than me?” asked Lennox. “Why did you say that?” asked Norman.

“Because your dad was so suspicious of me, I will never know if you have his strength to beat me.” said Lennox. “My dad… When I was a little boy, he told me “If you feel down, keep your head and be strong. God gives you strength, he will give you courage to stand up to an enemy. Let Karma handle it and it will hit enemies that did to you. You are my enemy, you are father’s enemy.” said Norman.

Norman punches Lennox, made him fly to the wall, knocking him out again. Norman goes to the cable machines to fix it, he began to connect them back together as fast as he can to stop the machines from malfunction. 

“Let’s get out of here.” said Norman.

Norman, Advika, and the group quickly escape the cable station while the machines are malfunctioning.

They get down on the ground before something happens, but the cable station stops malfunctioning and it does not explode. Norman and the others are relieved that the cable station stopped malfunctioning.

“You did it, Norman. You’ve stopped the machines from attempting to explode, they stopped malfunctioning.” said Advika.

They cheered for Norman, much to Norman’s joy. “Not so fast, Norman.” said Henri as he points a gun at him. The cop shoots him in the back, killing him. “Thank you, officer.” said Norman. “No problem.” said the police officer. “Let’s go to the bowling center to celebrate.” said Arthur. The others go to the bowling center to celebrate and play bowling. “Norman, your parents must be so proud of you. You’re our hero.” said Malaysia. “I am? Thanks.” said Norman. “There’s something I gonna give you.” said Malaysia. “Yeah.” said Norman.

Malaysia gives Norman his first kiss on the lips, Norman is shocked but gives in. “Wow.” said Norman. “It’s your first kiss.” said Malaysia. “I never kissed a girl before, but I love it.” said Norman. “I’m glad you like it, let’s go have some fun with our group.” Said Malaysia. “I agree.” said Norman.

Malaysia and Norman hold hands when they leave with their group and Advika. “Happy endings are my favorite part of my life.” said the officer, talking to himself while watching the group leave.

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