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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 14: A Captured Ladybug

After Samuel, Arthur, and Malaysia comforted Norman, they leave and find Lennox Hopper approaching by. “Who are you?” asked Arthur. “I’m Lennox Hopper, I’m here to check on your female friend.” said Lennox. “For what? You don’t even know her, we saw you on the news saying that you are arrested for fraud 2 weeks ago.” said Samuel. “Oh yeah, but I don’t care. I’m taking her with me.” said Lennox.

Lennox began a fight with Arthur, Malaysia, and Samuel, but Lennox flips Arthur and Samuel over.

“You, young gal. You’re coming with me.” Said Lennox.

Lennox holds Malaysia hostage, Malaysia shouts out Norman’s name. “NORMAN!” Shouted Malaysia. Norman hears her screams and looks at the window, seeing her being captured by Lennox. “My god!” Shouted Norman as he runs out of his home.

Norman runs outside, Lennox drags Malaysia into the car, and drives off. Norman chases it, but Lennox drives fast. “Arthur, Samuel, are you guys OK?” Said Norman. “He got Malaysia.” said Arthur. “I wonder where is he taking her?” said Samuel. “We’ll warn the others about Malaysia being captured by that man.” said Norman. “Good idea, let’s go.” said Arthur.

At the Gold Snake agency, Norman, Arthur, and Samuel arrived. “Norman, we’re glad you’re back. Were you OK?” Said Carter. “I’m better now, Malaysia has been captured by a mysterious man.” said Norman. “Lennox Hopper.” said Carter. “Who’s that man?” said Savannah. “He was arrested for embezzlement and faked his injury to get more money and get attention 10 months ago, the news spread about it.” said Madilyn. “Looks like he’s a fraud to me, too.” said Norman. “Come on guys, we gotta find Malaysia and to find the location where Lennox is at.” said Austin. “I agree, let’s go find her.” said Norman.

Norman and his group leave their agency to find Malaysia and Lennox.

At the cable landing station, Lennox programs the computer and takes the money from the cabinet while Malaysia is tied up.

“Hopper, why are you doing this? You’re supposed to be in prison for life, not parole.” said Malaysia.

“Oh, not parole. I escaped from prison, because my sentence is too long. And also, I have to embezzle every money from the banks, stores, and everywhere I go is to take them. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me, especially your friends won’t stop me either.” said Lennox. 

“You are a sick, twisted monster.” said Malaysia. 

“Oh yeah, well, there’s something coming into your way, sugar booger. Your father is a good man, him and I are good friends. But until then, I embezzled the money at our job, your father shunned me and end the friendship with me when I was arrested. I’m completely obsessed with money, I want to be rich. And now, I’m getting revenge.” said Lennox.

Malaysia shakes her head while disgusted at Lennox’s conversation, Henri puts tape in her mouth.

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