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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 12: Percy's Coma

At the hospital… Norman and his team are at the waiting room, Norman wandering and thinking around. “I don’t know how this happened like this.” said Norman. “Are you OK, mate?” asked Samuel. “I’m just anxious.” said Norman.

“There’s no need to upset about, all you have to do is to calm down.” said Malaysia. “I’ll try.” said Norman. Norman’s blue eyes sparkle, Malaysia gazed at his sparkling, watery eyes. The doctor comes by. “So, how’s Percy?” asked Madilyn. “Well, he’s alright and stable. We did everything we could but he’s in a coma.” said the doctor. “Oh god.” said Norman. “He can’t talk right now, but you can speak to him while he’s in a coma and possibly he can hear what you’re saying.” said the doctor. “We understand.” said Arthur.

At the patient room 117, Norman and Malaysia came in the room.

“Hey, Percy. It’s Norman, I just wanted to know why are trying to hurt myself. But taking your own life is not the answer, is this what Azania wanted? Azania wants you to live on, because you have to. We don’t want to lose you for good, I know it’s hard to move on. If it’s the last day of your life, I feel bad if I say goodbye. I’m sorry about Azania and I’m sad about yourself. I hope you hear my words no matter what, you’re my childhood best friend. I hope you feel better soon, I want you to move on.” said Norman, talking to the comatose Percy.

Norman cries, Malaysia comforts him, but he walked away. Malaysia stands up to follow him, along with others who followed Norman.

“Norman, I know you’re upset that your friend trying to harm himself. But you got to think about yourself.” said Arthur. “Myself? Why would you think that? You guys hired me as your new member, I wasn’t even expected.” said Norman. “Look, we know how you feel. What about your parents? What about everyone?” said Carter. “I lost my parents, they’re gone too long. I can’t even move on right, it hurts me when I think of my parents. Open your eyes, I’m not the right member of y’all. I’M JUST ORDINARY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND PERCY.” Said Norman, angrily upset when he is affected by the death of his parents.

Norman runs away, crying. “Norman!” shouted Arthur. Malaysia is concerned of Norman. The team were so upset about Norman’s sorrow.

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