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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 10: Percy Octavio, Norman's Old Friend

That Midnight… Norman was outside, watching the stars and the dark blue sky. He misses his parents, he remembers the last words of his parents. He closed his eyes for a moment.

In the flashback of Norman’s past…

“Norman, I want you and your sister be safe. I probably will not make it. So, be safe. I gotta go save her.” said Nevaeh.

“Kids, let’s get out of here. Get Luther.” said Maverick. 

At the end of the flashback of Norman’s past…

Norman’s tears fall out of his eyes, Malaysia came to check on him. “Are you OK?” Said Malaysia. “I’m fine, I was just thinking about my past… and my parents.” said Norman. “Oh, Norman. Listen, don’t let your dark past get to you again. I’m here with you. If you had any problems, let me know. I will always be with you, on your side.” said Malaysia. 

Malaysia joins watching the stars with Norman. “You know, I really like you because you’ve been so nice to me.” said Norman. “I like you too, I’ve been nice to everyone (except my ex-boyfriend and my former friend).” said Malaysia.

Malaysia and Norman hold hands while watching the stars. “Don’t worry about my ex boyfriend, he’s always the pain in my butt. As long as I be with you, nothing bad is gonna happen between us.” said Malaysia. Norman looks at Malaysia with a smile on his face.

The Next Day… Norman and his group are at the library, there is a 17-year old boy named Percy Octavio came by. Norman and Percy reunite.

“You guys know each other?” said Arthur. “Yeah, this is Percy Octavio, he’s my friend from my elementary school.” said Norman. “Hi, Percy.” said Arthur. “Percy, this is my team.” said Norman. “Hello, everyone.” said Percy. The team say hello to Percy. “I had a confession.” said Percy. “What is it?” asked Norman. “My girlfriend died in a car accident 2 weeks ago.” said Percy. “What?” said Norman, shocked. “Oh my goodness.” said Malaysia. “It’s Azania.” said Percy. 

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