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Blue Eyes: A Blue Life of Norman Hammerton

By @TaterTot2000

Chapter 1: The Birth of Norman Hammerton

The expectant couple and their 13-year old daughter moved to an apartment, their names were: Nevaeh, Maverick, and Advika Hammerton. Nevaeh and Maverick were expecting a second child, a baby boy. They were planning to look for the name that will suits for their unborn son.

Nevaeh has very blue eyes, Maverick has green eyes, and Advika has the same eye color like Maverick’s.

Advika was excited about becoming a big sister to her unborn brother, she also helps her parents find the name.

It is that midnight, 12:35AM… 

Nevaeh goes in labor, Advika was shocked that her unborn brother is on the way. Maverick takes his pregnant wife to the hospital, along with Advika. Maverick called his sister Shelia Hammerton to come over to the hospital, so that she could keep an eye on Advika.

At the hospital, Nevaeh is taken to the water birth room and Maverick is with her. Shelia and Advika were at the waiting room.

“Aunt Shelia, I hope my mom will be OK.” Said Advika. “I hope so, too, Advika.” said Shelia. “I am so excited about my baby brother coming on the way.” said Advika. “Me, too. Can’t wait to see my baby nephew.” said Shelia.

At the water birth room, Nevaeh gives birth to a healthy baby boy with very blue eyes. She and Maverick were very happy that their newborn son is born.

“Hi, sweetie. Welcome to our world.” Said Nevaeh. “Hey, little buddy.” Said Maverick. “Congrats, it is a boy.” said one of the nurses.

At 1:20AM…

Shelia and Advika came in the patient room to see their new family member. “Aww, hi, my little brother. It’s your big sister, Advika.” said Advika. “I’m your aunt Shelia, welcome to Earth.” said Shelia, introducing herself to her baby nephew. “So, what are you gonna name him?” said Advika. “Well, we’re actually gonna name him Norman after your grandfather.” said Maverick. “Norman, what an amazing name.” said Advika. “Wow, I really love that name Norman.” said Shelia.

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