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Blue Boy

By @giannu


“Hey mister, where can I get a beverage ’round here?” I ask the fruit vendor.

“Hmm,” he scratches his chin, “Head over there,” he points to a small building, light smoke billows out the chimney. A wooden sign hangs in front reading, “TAVERN”. Perfect.

I thank the old man and take my leave. 

As I approach the tavern, I hear crashing and the sound of bodies being thrown inside. Before I reach the wooden door two men come out carrying another. Both men toss him out.

The man lays in a bloody heap. I walk over him, he needs help!

“Kid! Be careful with that one. He’s an ******* drunk.” said one of the men.

“Yeah no ****, he just pulled out a knife on me, dirty swine.” said the other.

The man is a mess. A short disheveled man, with smart looking glasses. He rolls on the dirt in pain. This sad, pathetic creature stabbing someone? I reach down to aid him. 

“Get offa me, ya *********!…” He crawls away in the dirt, he’s weak and helpless. 

“Sir, its ok, let’s go find ya some help, yeah? You’re bleeding a bunch.” I crouch near him and give him a worried smile.

He looks down ashamed of himself, what am I? he thinks. The thought echoes in his mind. “…No thanks, kid.” he chuckles to himself. He gets up and walks away towards the apartments.

“Geez, from genius doctor to town drunk.” the near Stabbee says.

“Yeah, yeah… whatever.” the other man says as they walk back indoors.

The blue boy stands outside of the doors to collect himself. Maybe he shouldn’t involve himself too much with others. Talking to the man was involuntary, and he regretted it immediately. 

I pull the door open and first take note of the smell of warm spicy ale and sweet honey with hints of vomit smacking me in the nostrils. Tired people keep themselves. A few groups of people are together enjoying what they can. Most keep their heads down as I come in, most are masked and shrouded, I take my place in the booth. 

“What’ll it be?” asked the Pig-Man bartender.

“Uh, just get me a beer for now,” I say nervously looking around. I feel like everyone is looking at sizing me up, I just have to relax. Breathe. It’s ok. Oh, I know! I reach into my satchel and pull out one of my world famous Waffle Sandwiches. I breathe in the maple goodness.

“Here she is, oink” as the Pig-Man sets down the large amber pint.

I take a sip, then tear into my sandwich, take another sip, chew my mush in total ecstasy. I moan in sheer delight. The beer washes down my troubles, it’s warm and pleasant.

I hear giggling.

From the corner of his eye, Blue Boy notices another patron on the opposite side of the counter. He turns his head to his right and there he see’s a Wolf person. Its eyes are a striking, fluorescent pink.

The Wolf raises its glass to Blue Boy. Its devilish grin sends shivers down the boy’s spin.

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