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Blue Boy

By @giannu



The head of my axe strikes down on the wood. Splitting the white log in half.

Chop. Chop.

I split the halves into fourths. I met Vega in the forest filled with these trees.

I’ve been here for quite some time now. Vega’s is gone at the moment. He often leaves the cottage for weeks at a time, I don’t know where he goes. It doesn’t really matter to me. 

The young boy sets his work aside to wash up. He walks up to the door and peeks inside. The cabin is empty and dead. The fireplace is dim. It’s lonely. 

He runs a hot bath. He undresses and stares at himself in the mirror fascinated by the color, and shape of his body. The smooth lines are defining into sharp muscles. The blue boy has an agile, slender body. Vega feeds him well and trains him harshly. He spends a sleepy afternoon in the bath.

I’m surrounded. The shadows are crushing me. I push hard and force my eyes open. I awaken on my back, in a forest where you can’t see the tops of the trees. Light snowfall drifts over me. What is this? A terrifying howl screeches in the distance. I can’t run now. The howling is growing louder as I approach it, as I reach what seems to be the end of the forest. At first, I’m surrounded by blinding light and I reach the end. A cliff?

I stand there disappointed. There’s nothing to find but a sea of fog. I decide to take a seat near the edge looking out, the snow is freezing to sit on, but I don’t mind. 

“Deep breaths…” I focus on what I was looking for. My eyes ease shut and suddenly reopen. I’m drenched in rain. Unbelievable, my heart immediately feels like imploding. I stand on my feet.

A massive humanoid beast is towering over me. The monster turns its ancient body toward the cliff. It wears the fog around its waist like a belt, dripping oil or chunks of flesh as if it’s rotting alive. My body goes stiff. Its roar is like one that I’ve never heard. Every step it takes toward me I feel the ground collapse under it. I just stand there, my toes over the edge of the cliff, as its body drones and scrapes above me. It lifts its massive arm overhead like a clumsy child, the rain separates and scatters around the arm. Like a flash of lightning, it crushes my body into dust.

“AAHHHH..” I’m back in the cabin. I can’t stop shaking. That was… real. I make sure all my organs are where they should be. How long have I been in the bath?  The bath water is a murky gray color. I sit for a while in the dirty water listening to the faucet drip, trying to control my breathing. I have to go. 

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is it. I need to find this massive cyborg and put an end to it as well as everyone involved. I get dressed and decide its best to leave as soon as I can. This way, Vega can’t stop me. I think this is it.

I rummage through my pack. I swear I put my blade inside. Oh no. I sense a heavy presence.

“So, where you off to?” Vega asks from the door as he leans against the post. He looks massive in his armor, his drone floats inside with him.

“..Well? Oh, looking for this?” It’s the handle of the blade he gave me for training. Its old and the light it emits is weak. Unlike his.

“…May I have my phaseblade? Please?” I can’t look him in the eye. I’m caught red-handed.

He slams it on to the ground. It shatters. The handle was brittle from age. They’re quiet for a long time. The old drifter walks up to him and rests his gauntlet on his shoulder.

“You’re not taking that piece of junk… BAHAHA if you think you’re gonna cut anything with that old thing you’re crazy… um hey, kid it’s ok… h-hey.. don’t cry, it’s ok.”

“It’s alright… I gotcha”

“In fact, check it out…” Vega had that famous smirk, you can tell he’s been up to something. 

“You’re a *******.” blue boy wipes his tears. His smile is tired and heavy.

Vega bellows a laugh unlike any other, “Yeah yeah, well I knew this day would come, and ya know… ya been here for a while, what I’m trying to say is, ‘I get it’ you gotta go.” Vega reaches into his satchel. “But first, here it is..”

He hands me an exquisite sleek wooden box. It’s pitch black and heavy. I look up at Vega.

“Well come on then, open it.”

 I first set the box down on the table, Vega joins me. I lift the cover slowly. The handle of the phase blade glimmers and fills the air with a dry heat. The handle looks like clean, red glass and it emits a powerful glow. It rests on top of black silk as if it were royalty. I pick up the handle. 

“Remarkable,” I whisper. I look up at Vega, “Go ahead, kid, light it up.”

I activate my phaseblade. The red blade pours upward like hot magma. Its clean, and deadly.

“…its name is ‘Fury’.”

“Thank you, Vega.”

“Ah, don’t even mention it… let’s feast and get some good sleep before we see you off, yeah?”

“Yeah, ok.”

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