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Bloodlust (BakuDeku)

By @Manglefoxy1207


Chapter 1 – Missing

It had been 2 years since Deku went missing, everyone seemed as though they didn’t care anymore, except for Katsuki. He couldn’t get the green haired boy out of his head.

2 years ago, 2nd year of UA

Katsuki Bakugou had started to notice huge changes in Deku. Deku skin had paled enormously, dark circles were always present beneath his tired looking eyes, his green eyes had become darker, as if he was wearing contacts for some unknown reason, and sometimes.. He looked at his friends as though they were prey, waiting to be pounced on. Nobody noticed these changes, all though the changes seemed hugely apparent to Katsuki Bakugou. Deku suddenly began to ignore Kacchan, and not go anywhere near him. Whenever they were forced together, he would plug his nose as if he smelled something bad.

One day at UA, Katsuki Bakugou walked into class noticing right away Deku’s seat behind his.. Empty. He walked over to his desk, setting his books down, and then sitting at his desk. He was slightly worried, Deku was always early.

Soon, class started and still no show from Deku, the rest of the class didn’t seem to notice, but Katsuki did, running over Deku’s weird behavior, and new looks in his head. He tried to focus his attention back on class, but couldn’t get the nagging worry out of his head that something was wrong.

The next week, there was still no show from Deku. The whole class became worried. “I know everyone is agitated, and worried over Deku not showing up to class over the last week, but he’s probably just taking a break, or visiting his mom.” Mr. Aizawa had said. But Katsuki Bakugou knew better, Deku would have told his friends he would be leaving, and would have told UA. Katsuki KNEW his childhood friend. But all of Class 1-A seemed satisfied by the explanation. 

Another week had passed, and Class 1-A wasn’t satisfied with the small explanation, they all feared for their friend. Mr. Aizawa walked into class, worry etched on his face, the whole class turned their attention onto him, knowing something was wrong immediately. “Izuku Midoriya is being reported missing, we have a search party started on him.” He had said. Katsuki felt his heart almost leap out of his chest. He should have gone to Aunties house to check himself, but his selfish heart couldn’t, he didn’t want Deku realizing that he really did care about him. 

Present time

Katsuki Bakugou

Class feels like it’s been going on for days, and finally it’s about to end. The second the bell rings, I hurriedly grab my stuff, and practically jump out of my desk. The loud conversation of students sound in my ears, and all I want to do is go back to my dorm. As I’m about to leave class 1-A, I hear a voice shouting at me, I turn around, and see ****** hair, the rest of the Bakusquad trailing after him. “Hey! Bakubro!” He shouts. I wait for them, and Kirishima stops in front of me, the rest of the Bakusquad following in his tracks. “You should come with us to the mall later today! You barely ever hang out with us outside of school ever since-” ****** hair begins, but is cut off by a hard glare from me. “No.” I say, they all give me weird, annoying, pleading faces. “Please~~?” They ask. I growl. “Fine! Just stop with those dumb faces!” I say, they all get excited, Mina practically jumps up and down. “Meet us at 5:00, Bakubro!” ****** hair says, him and the Bakusquad walk around me, going out of the classroom. Uggh why did I agree? I leave the classroom too.

At 4:30, I decide it’s time to get dressed, I throw on some pants, and a black shirt that shows off the muscles in my arms, then I put a hoodie on since it’s kinda chilly outside. Then I put my phone and wallet into the pockets of my hoodie, and head out of my dorm

I arrive there by car (Yes, he has a car, they are 18, and in their 4th year in this story.) I unbuckle myself, and the hop out, slamming the car door shut behind me. I walk up to the mall, stuffing my hands into the pockets, it’s crammed since my wallet and phone are still in there. I enter the mall, and spot the Bakusquad right away. Mina spots me. “Bakubabe! Over here!” She shouts, waving her hands, all though I’ve already noticed them. They all turn their attention over to me, and I walk over to them. Once I get over, they start to discuss witch shops to go to. “How about this, we all get to decide one shop?” Raccoon eyes suggest. We all agree. Mina gets to pick first since she suggested the idea, she picks a makeup store. I sit down on the bench during that part, waiting for her to hurry up. The rest of the guys just stand there, talking. Sero, Kirishima, and I all choose clothing stores, to which all of us got some stuff from, even me. “I choose.. A toy store!” Says Denki. I roll my eyes at him. “You’re so childish!” I say, Mina backs him up. “Even though we are 18 it doesn’t mean we can’t have toys!” Mina says. I growl. We enter a dumb toy store.

While in there, I sit down in the bench in there, like I did with the makeup store. I look around from where I’m sitting, and spot a whole bunch of Allmight merch. I smile, remembering how much Deku loved Allmight, and how he would spend all of his birthday money on all things Allmight. I catch myself, and quickly look away from all things Allmight. It’s stupid that even when I seeor thinkl of anything Allmight, I immediately think of the nerd. If he wouldn’t have gone missing in the first place, then this wouldn’t be a problem. I curse the police in my head for calling off the search 10 months ago, they had decided to list him as dead, even though they had never found his body, they decided that he could only be dead since they had continued the search for so long. 

I finally get back to my dorm, I open my wallet,

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