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Blood Powers Betrayed

By @Amaj101

Enough Knowledge to Last a Century

When Kysa and I arrived at the Devlin residence, Rivver immediately pulled us inside, looking around frantically. I make Kysa go whip up some food for Rivver since he looks like he hasn’t eaten for a while. I sit him down. He asks me to replay everything that happened the moment I got home. I explain. I tear up when I explain that she was poisoned by the envelope. 

 “What about your mom? Was she poisoned?” I ask quietly. He’s crying but wipes the tears from his eyes before he thinks I will notice. “No. Her face looked melted. From what I could understand, the envelope held a pack of acid. When she opened it, acid sprayed all over her face.” I’m horrified. Acid freaking burns. If Ms. Devlin got that to her face, she must’ve suffered. But, I don’t know. Different types of acids have different effects. “Did she suffer? As far as you can tell?” 

“I’m not a scientist, Kiane. As far as I know, it was the acid. Was the poison liquid?” I shake my head. 

“More like a gas. Maybe Mustard gas?” 

“Did her face and her eyes look irritated?”


“Then it’s not mustard gas. Mustard gas irritates your skin, eyes, and your lungs. If you didn’t see any sign of irritation, it wasn’t mustard gas.” Well, then I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. What was she poisoned with? WHO poisoned her? 

These are things I need and want to know. Things I need to figure it out. “Who would hurt my mom? She’s done nothing, nothing to anyone. Yet, someone tried. And succeeded.” It’s my turn to cry. I miss her so much. “Rivver, what do we do?” I sob. He pulls me close, seeing my state. He looks somber. “I don’t know. Let’s start by feeding ourselves and getting ready to leave. The irony of both of our mothers dying on the same day is not just a coincidence.” 

We had to eat quickly because we didn’t want to linger. Kysa had made something quick. She was always the cook of the family. I helped Rivver pack while Kysa gathers supplies. “We need to be on the road at all times.”

“You sure you want to be on the road with all that highway patrol and security?” he asks. I think about it. Just because we are residents, doesn’t mean we won’t be asked questions. And we can’t say we’re backpacking through the country. Security had gotten tighter and tighter. “Do you know who the current president is? My mom shattered the table at a commercial of some sort. The next day, she went out and didn’t come back for hours. It was the same thing the next day.” Rivver stops packing and says, “So did Mom. Not the table thing, but she was gone for the next few days. She didn’t come back ‘till late at night.” 

“I just thought it was a night shift.”

We were silent after that. Our mothers did something that got them in trouble. Real trouble. I sigh, and continue packing. “Can we at least get some sleep before we leave?” Kysa asks when she walks in. 

“Sure. In the car.” Kysa growls at me. Rivver laughs weakly. “K, I think she meant on a bed.” 

“And I meant in a car. I’m not taking any chances.”

“Kiane Evans!” Kysa yells. “I know that this is a dangerous situation. I’m eleven, not one. I realize why your freaking out but if you plan on driving nonstop, I suggest that we all get some well-earned sleep. Alright?” I stare. She has never used that tone with me before. After a few moments, I nod slightly. “Go get one comforter. We are not separating.” Kysa rolls her eyes and asks Rivver where the linen closet is. He tells her that it is in the back of the house, and she walks away. “K, all of us are freaking out here, but Kysa is right. You can’t run yourself nonstop. We need rest, and we definitely need time to mourn.” 

“I’m fine.” I state.

“Kiane you can’t push your feelings away. You lost your mother. I lost mine. And you’re scared of losing someone else.” 

I want to yell at him. Tell him that I’m fine and that I don’t need to mourn. Mourning takes too much time. And the one thing we don’t have? We have food, we have shelter for the time being, we have each other. But the one thing we don’t have is time. Time to stay. Time to investigate. Time to just sit there and …cry our eyes out because we lost someone we loved. But, I can’t yell at him. Not only because he’s right, but because I don’t have the energy. Not to argue. Not to cry. Not to mourn. I was filled with energy before he said that. Now, I just fall.


When I wake up, I’m wrapped in a huge blanket. I blink a few times, trying to see my surroundings. As my eyes adjust, I realize that I’m laying in Rivver’s bed. I don’t see him or Kysa, so I shout for them. Moments later, Rivver comes bursting in the room. He had a file in his hand. “Hey Kiane. Look, I found this in my mother’s room.”

“What is it?” 


I look at him. Roll my eyes. “Papers of?” I ask sarcastically. He tosses the folder on the bed. I get out from under the blanket, and grab the folder. As I read through, this tells about the origins of superhumans, or humans today. One of their sciency explanations. But then I stop by a paragraph. 

Every human on this Earth has only one supernatural ability. But two family lines break that rule. The Brown family, and the Evans family. Since the Great War, the Brown family tree has died out. But the Evans’ family tree is still alive and strong. What makes the Evans’ family different from everyone else is what they can do. The Evans’ family has an inheritable power. But they have TWO other powers per person. Three powers in one being. Now, no one knows whether this affects how early or late the persons receive their abilities, but it is known that they are very powerful. Some members of the family are Else Evans, 62, and living a quiet life with her daughter in-law and her grandchildren. Akua Evans, married into the family, bore two children, Kiane, the oldest, and Kysa Willow, who took on her mother’s maiden name instead of the surname of Evans. Their father is obviously another Evans’ but he is unknown to the world. The Evans’ are very powerful, some easy to provoke, others with a patience. 

There was more, but I had what I needed to know. My family has three powers per person. Is that why my powers are delayed in showing themselves? “Did you show this to Kysa?” I ask. He nods. “Good. I don’t want to keep anything from her.” 

But I, we, may be the most powerful beings in the world. 

And I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing.

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