Blood of the devil

By @101darkraven

Chapter 1


Chapter 2 

Hello my name Iaason Emilio di Luca. I was born in ancient Greece

Attica to be exact. Attica, Greece. I was born 6/3/2 and now I reside

In the 17th century. I’m an pureblood, I seem to be the most envied

Upon other immortals, I guess the reason why is that i come from ancien

-t blood, I’ve had such memorable parents, I’m aristocratic, 

My beauty and also I’m the 

Last of my clan but to be quite honest I see no need to envy those things.

Most immortals call me mad, because those types of things do 

Not intrigue me the little things is what catches my attention. For

I do not understand their way of thinking. Sometimes I wish i wasn’t

A pureblood, knowing the fact that I have to feed upon the mortal

Beings sickens me, but I know that I need to in order to survive. 

When I feed upon them it’s hard for me to stop, I’ve nearly sucked

Them until they’re completely dry. But my compassion for them

 overwhelms me which makes me not want to drink no more.

The elders refer to me as ” An immortal with a human heart” or 

 ” The innocent Child of the night” I think that bothers them that i

  Refuse to corporate, I’m quite stubborn, 

  I think those rules are completely rubbish, I’ll live my vampiric

  Life the way i like, and I refuse to live a life full of conservatism.

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