Blood Descendants

By @Hanafuda
Blood Descendants

"As the sun went down her eyes would still glow, a bright red light guiding the lonely souls. She was once a human who extended her limit, respecting the prophecy that was places upon her." «» No regular story can start like this. With a girl who couldn't take it anymore, a prisoner of the same old routine, until... The secret was out. Riya, a vampire, who won't stop at power, respect or fear, comes to this world and rules it. «»

Chapter 4

IV. The first obstacles

Chapter 4: The first obstacles

Riya’s point of view

I am waiting behind the gym like the paper said, but nobody was coming. I hope this anonymous is planning on gating here. Eventually, a girl with dark red hair came.

“Wow. You really came. Plus you’re alone. Are you stupid or something?”

“I don’t see you as dangerous. So what do you want?”

She gets closer and takes me by my wrist, smashing me on a wall.

“Know your place, grily. I have years ahead of you. The Shaan Clan isn’t here to protect you.”

She hits me again, this time harder.

“I can’t understand how Aaron could’ve loose against you.”

Aaron? I’d better not tell her I wasn’t the one who beat him.

“Did the cat get your tongue?”

I fight back a little by pushing her and taking a few steps back.

“Look. My friends are looking for me and I don’t wanna worry them. Leave, now that I’m still nice and let you.”

“Pff. Drop the act. You may be a full vampire, but I’m still more experienced. You probably don’t even know how to control you powers.”

Now I feel a force lifting me up in the air, and pushing me down fast. My body was aching everywhere.

And you mentioned something about friends? Please, do you really think a monster like you could have friends? Those ‘friends’ of yours stay with you just because of your clan and powerful red eyes, they don’t wanna be your friends, they are forced to!”

I couldn’t say anything. I froze at the thought that what she just said might be true. Out of the blue, a blonde petite girl with a leather miniskirt, matching black studded jacked and some tank top that looked more like a bra, hit my attacker. I got a closer look to her, she had a hat with a few chains on it, a whip on her side and a silver gun in her hand. The Yamada girl turned and faced her, but earned another hit in her head. She dropped to the ground unconscious.

Sorry I’m late, ma’am.”

“Nope. You’re just on time. Thank you, my Chuck. If you didn’t got here now I probably wouldn’t be alive.”

“Actually I wasn’t even supposed to come, but it looks like my brother isn’t doing his job.”

What does she mean by that? Is it really true that Amy and Kazuki aren’t really my friends?


“Yeah. Kazuki. He’s supposed to take care of you. That jerk, he’s probably looking for girls. I’m Thea Tsuki, second strongest in my clan. Nice to meet you.”

So she’s stronger than Kazu even tho she seems to be younger? … But how can she be his sister if he’s an only child?

“Would you mind telling me where he might be?”

“He’s probably looking for me, can’t be too far way.”

“Okay, let’s go then.”

I walk behind her, feeling a little but embarrassed. Can I really be as strong as her someday? She completely dominated the other girl just now. We get inside and she stared yelling, getting more attention on us.

“KKAAAAZZZZUUUKKIII!!!!! WE’RE HERE!” she says making everyone stare at us.

“We’re in a school. You can’t yell like that.”

“You’re no fun, ma’am.”

“What are you doing here, Thea?” says Kazuki who finally gets here.

“That’s how you greet your sœur?”

“Thea, I’ve already told you thousands of times, don’t tell people we’re relatives!”

“Kazuki, that’s not a nice thing to say about you sister.”i interfere, a little bothered by his reaction.

” We’re not really brothers.”

“Ignore him, he’s still mad at me about something I did.”

“Anyway, what are you doing here?”

“I had to come here because someone wasn’t doing his job.”

“That reminds me, where have you been? Esthere is about to kill you.”

“F*ck. I’d better dig my own grave, or dissappear, depends on how mad she is.”I say thinking of an way to get put of this alive.

Why don’t you become invisible? It’s simpler” speaks Thea, without realizing we’re surrounded by people.

“Lower you voice, pupils could hear you!”says Kazuki, dragging her outside.

” Ooops. Sorry. I’ve forgotten that you don’t want people to find out.”

“Now that you’re done here, why don’t you go back to the other world?”

“You’re kidding, right? No way I’m going back so soon. It’s much more fun here”

No, no, no. You should go to uncle’s and aunt’s Beach place. You always loved it there.”

“Mhm. Sure. I’ll pay them a visit after I’m done shopping.”

Kazuki sighs but lets it go. We finish classes and go home, Thea probably is already at the mall or something.

“So. Are you related or not?”

“Hm? Oh, me and Thea. Her story is a little bit more complicated than that. She was found at her foster parents,

that were abusing her. At seven she run from them and my mother found her. Since then she’s been part of the family, but we don’t really know what clan is she part of. She has powers of werewolves and subordinates of the moon or maybe sun. Her true whereabouts are still unknown.”

“wow. Her story is so upsetting. But still she seems to be cheerful and nice in reality.”

“That’s her shield. She would’ve probably been broken if she wasn’t like this. By the way, where did you dissappear?”

“Hmm. Someone from the Yamada clan tried to take my blood, but Thea came and saved me so no need to be worried.”I could see in his eyes that he was a little bit mad.

“And what would’ve happened if she didn’t come? Who were you counting on?”

“Well. On you….”I say in a very low voice.

” Hmm. What was that? Didn’t hear you very well.”

“Such a pity you missed it.”I say entering the room.

I changed first in some sports outfit then Kazuki knocked at the door. I let him enter and gets some clothing items.

” Oh, where are you grandparents? I didn’t see them when we came.”

“Oh they’re at the Shaan main house. Discussing about you.”

So we’re alone? I’m alone with him for today!

“Wow. I didn’t imagine this would be such a big deal.”

“You’ll always be something meaningful.”he says all serious, looking at me with those strange sweet eyes.

“Okay… How do we start?”

“We’ll start by discovering your power.”

“Mhm. But how?”

“Well, vampires of the beginning could have any power, especially those with red eyes. So think big.”

“So we just try different stuff and see what I can do?”

“Yeah. That’s basically it. Why don’t you try pass through this wall for start”

“I can’t do that.”

“You won’t know until you try.”

I try and concentrate, channeling my energy in my hand and try to pass it through, but no result.

“Told you I can’t do it. What power do you have?”

“Me? Can’t you tell by my eyes? I control water. Something like the old gods.”

“Waah so cool. Show me!”

He sighs, but takes the glass from the table and pours the water in the air. It doesn’t fall down and Kazuki stared to play with it. He forms a heart in which he writes ‘K+R’. But of course he doesn’t let me enjoy the view and puts the water back in the glass.

” Hey! I wanted to take a picture of that!”

“Sorry. Maybe next time. Now try and concentrate!”

I pout and Kazuki eventually gives up on finding my power and we start the fighting training. He makes me fight with him and some of his water puppets. I mostly learn how to dodge and receive different hits. Suddenly a puppet comes behind me and I didn’t see it. When I turn around I see it’s leg ready to hit me and start panicking. By instinct I do something that made me fall on the floor. The wind starts to form a small tornado around me, the earth is shaking powerfully, I am surrounded by light, but also darkness, a circle of fire is stopping me from moving and the water puppets are now under my control. I am shaking in fear as the small apocalypse is unleashing around me and more important…because of me.

Kazuki comes to my rescue, he hugs me tightly until I calm down.The moment was interrupted by his grandparents that came all surprised by what just happened.

“My, my. What was the fiasco we just heard and saw?”asks the man looking around.

“Are you okay, darling?”questions the old lady looking at me concerned.

” Kazuki and I tried to find out what was my power.”

“And I pushed her a little bit too much.”

“And what is it? It looks like earth and light control. That’s admirable for such a fragile girl like yourself.”

“Yes, but it’s not just that.”says Kazuki looking at me again.

What do you mean? Another element you be too much even for her. But now that I think about it the shattered

windows indicate air control.”

“And that’s not all. It looks like she can control all 6 natural elements.”

“Excuse me? How would that be possible? Not even the clan leader can do that!”

“Oh my. We’d better take her to him. He has to know about this.”

“Could you do it again, Riya? We’ll need some kind of proof of your powers.”

I look over to Kazuki that gives me this reassuring smile. I nod slowly and try not to freak out. I concentrate on the snow, which is basically water, and try to make it move. At first I don’t know exactly how to do it, but when I relax myself it was easy to do. The snow is lifted up forming a big ball, I let it down careful not to hurt anybody.

Then I move on to the next element. Earth. How hard could it be to make an earthquake? I try to feel it, think about it clearly and the earth cracked under me a little bit, making me fall. Kazuki is quick enough to catch me. He helps me regain my balance. He sees how nervous I am so he leans down to me and whispers in my ear, without his grandparents hearing.

“Your eyes glow like it’s the first time you opened them.”

This makes me smile for some reason and gives me courage. I hold my hand up as small violet-blue flames are burning at the end of my fingers.

“Why are they blue?” frowns Kazu approaching them a little, but his grandfather stops him.

“Because of the darkness. You wouldn’t want to touch them.”

He gulps then takes a step back.

“Next is air, dear, don’t be scared.”

I breath in and out a few times then a low wind ruffles my hair. It’s a pleasant feeling when the hot air touches my skin. Moving on to the last one. Light.

“For light try and make yourself invisible. Think that sunshines are passing through you.”

I think about it for a second and concentrate on my hand. It is slowly dissappearing. Wwaaahh. This is so cool. I let myslef dissappear completely so no-one would see me. I approach Kazu and give him a quick peck on the lips. His eyes widen but he doesn’t say anything. I appear again and smile widely.

“This is amazing. You hold an immense power. We’ll go to the head of your clan tomorrow. Now rest.”

I go to change my clothes and then to my room. Actually our room I could say. Kazuki is already done withe changing and now he is setting the mattress. I stay on the bed and pat the place beside me for him to sit. Those sweet blue eyes are watching me with so much care that it’s melting my heart.

“Hey, Kazu?”

“What’s wrong?” he says sitting next to me

“Will you hate me now?”

“Hate you? That’s the least.”

What??? I sit up and start yelling at him:

You know what? It would’ve been better if I didn’t meet you! You made me fall in love with you then say you hate


“Did you just say you’re in love with me?”

“Yes, jerk! You knew that the moment I took your blood! How could you do this to me?!”

Now the wind is blowing so hard that things started to move around and his  t-shirt is on fire.He pushes me on the bed, with him on top of me, with his hand on my mouth.

” Don’t yell, you’re gonna wake my gramps up. Calm down.”

I relax a little bit, but the position we were sitting in was making me nervous.

“I’ll say this just once so listen carefully”he says as his cheeks start turning a pale shade of red.

” I, Kazuki Tsuki, am madly in love you you, Riya Shaan.”

He let me go and went to the bathroom to change. I am still shocked by what he just said. I go under the blanket and try to pretend I’m asleep. I hear the door opening and probably Kazuki entered the room. I open my eyes a little to see what he is doing. He sits down on the mattress and turns his back to me, probabaly trying to sleep.

I can’t sleep at all. Kazuki is breathing harder and harder, I open my eyes completely and see that he is in a bad condition. The moonlight is shining on his face that’s completely pale and he is sweating a lot. Is he scared? Or maybe he isn’t comfortable on the floor.

” Kazuki, are you sleeping?”

“No. But you should sleep, you have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow.”

“I can’t. Do you wanna sleep next to me?”

What did I just ask??????? I’m screwed. Completely screwed.

“I’d love to, but I can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a full moon tonight. I’m a subordinate of the moon and I can hardly maintain my control.”

” Oh. I’m sorry. I’d… I’d better go to sleep.”

“Wait. I want to ask you something first.”

“Yes, of course. Everything.”

He turns to face me and gets all serious. His condition was worse than I thought.

“If I lose control over my body, I want you to stop me. Do whatever you need, but don’t let me hurt you. I couldn’t stand the thought of something bad happening to you. My body will regenerate so don’t worry just make sure you’re safe.”

“Umm okay. I’ll try my best not to hurt any of us.”

I say, thinking of all the bad things that could happen. He puts his head on the pillow and gets back to sleep. I try to get some sleep too, while I still have the opportunity. I have a nice dream, about the future, of what could happen, now that I have an immortal life, I wander what I could achieve. I always wanted to be a psychologist, to know how the human mind works.

My dreams are interrupted by a hand put on my mouth. I open my eyes and see a totally changed Kazu. His eyes were glowing, the blood in his veins was a dark blue that could be easily seen now. He is approaching my neck, probably wanting to drink my blood. I try to push him off me without hurting him, but it doesn’t work. He doesn’t even move an inch. His lips are now on my neck ready to pierce the skin. I try to blind him with light, but he reflects it with the water. I try every single power, except darkness, but I don’t know much I can do with them. He and the water have a different connection. They were like one and fighting against him isn’t really a plan. I couldn’t possibly hurt him, but as his teeth sink into my skin three thorns made of darkness stab his abdomen. He falls on the ground unable to move because of the pain.

Kazuki was massively bleeding, I go next to him and lift up his shirt. A strange rash was spreading on his body, as the blood continues to flow in huge amounts. What have I done? What do I do now? Please, please, I need to heal him. Come on powers, you’re supposed to help me!

My hands stared glowing a light red light as I was crying, helpless in the middle of the room. I put my hand on his wound and he’s bleeding was stopping. After half an hour the rush was gone too. He slowly regains his consciousness when he mutters something.

“Thank Chuck you’re okay.”

And he falls asleep. I put his head on my lap and watch him sleep, making sure his okay. I keep looking at his wound every few minutes, but it looks a lot better now. When morning comes I feel the tiredness hitting me. I ruffle Kazuki’s hair a little and he wakes up all of sudden.

What happened? I feel so good now, probably the best sleep ever, tho my abdomen hurts.”

“Well just the usual, you attacked me, I stabbed you with dark throns and then I healed you with my new power.

So what do you want for breakfast?”

I am sitting on the bed, trying to seem cool with this situation. Truth is that I’m not. I’m terrified by what happened last night. I have little to no control over my powers and my life is getting more like a mess than the perfect little life I’ve been planning for myself. Kazuki is still processing what I said, trying to remember.

“That’s what you call usual? Oh, Riya! I’m so sorry! And what do you mean by new power? Isn’t there a limit for this?”

“How should I know? Anyhoo, let’s go talk to your grandparents.”

After I tell them the story about last night, they started to freak out a little.

“Another power? Oh no, dear, your blood is too powerfull. You’ll be hunted down like a little mouse if you don’t learn how to fight properly.”

Yes, you stay here and train with Kazuki as we go to the head of your clan and ask for some protection for your coming.”

Today I’m alone with Kazu, or at least that’s what it looks like. Neither of us doesn’t know what to say so we try to keep it simple. He proposes we do some 1 on 1 fight so I’ll be prepared.

I’m the one who attacks first with some earth balls but of course he dodges them. He sends back some water stakes towards me but he redirects them so they only scratch my skin. As the night comes I’m getting better and better. My attacks and my defense are both improving. I even manage to hit Kazuki a few time.

After I take a shower I go and sit next to Kazu on the veranda. I am extremely tired and…. hungry.

“Riya, are you okay? You’re a little pale.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little dizzy I guess”

“Probably because of the training. You’re getting better and better”

Just when he finishes I fall on my back, unable to move and my consciousness fades.


I open my eyes, it seems like I’m in our room. He probably bought me here. I feel a strange taste in my mouth, the hunger is still here. Now that I think about this I know why the food tastes so bad. My mom wrote this on the first page, from now on I’ll have to live on blood. There’s no way I’ll put blood in my mouth again. Even though I’m so hungry….

Kazuki enters the room with a very worried look.

You’re awake!! Don’t ever do that again!”

“Yes, sorry, but it not really my fault.”

” I know. Most likely it’s mine. While you passed out, I went through the notebook your mother left and it looks like

you need blood. I always thought that it was a myth, but here” he says flexing him arm, for me to take blood from his wrist.

it’s no one’s fault. Let’s just get a dead animal or something.”

don’t be childish. Eat up.”

“No!”I say and the lights flicker.

He pushes me on the bed and gets on top of me. He smirks before kissing me. I give in to the kiss as my lips part a little. He opens my mouth more and a sweet liquid flows into my mouth. This is… blood? With a high speed I change places with him a look in his eyes. His hair was messy and he still has this perfect smile on his face. I got close to his face, let a small grin escape on my lips then kiss him again more passionately. Bitting his lips I drink his blood, I get down and down, starting from his neck until the bottom of his abdomen, my hand playing on his body freely. He takes my face between his palms and kisses me one more time before…..

When morning came I was feeling a lot better. Kazuki is still asleep so I go to prepare for today’s training. I enter the bathroom and I decide to change in a t-shirt and some jumper. I still can’t belive what I did yesterday. We did. I am putting my t-shirt on when someone enters the room. More exactly a sleepy Kazu, shirtless and with loosen boxer shorts so he’s v line is completely showing.

“Waahh. Get out!” I say as I flushed ten shades of red.

He suddenly opens his eyes like he just woke up. He turns his head to the side, embarrassed, but doesn’t get out of the room.

“Lock the door next time you wanna change!” he says.

Then he looks at me like an idea comes to his mind. He approaches fast and picks me up. He kisses me and spins me like a little child around the room. We laugh as he puts me down again.

I didn’t know he had this sweet side. He changes while I go and prepare breakfast for him. I was alone most of my life so I can cook pretty good.

“You’re cooking skills are amazing!” he says after he takes a bite.

“Haha, thank you. Now eat up, big day ahead.”

“Yes yes. You’d better start stretching or do you wanna eat first?”

“I think I’ve had enough last night.”

“Hmm. Maybe you’d want to repet the experience..”he starts saying but I stuff some rice in his mouth before he gets to say anything else.

I go outside and start playing with the snow. It is easier, probably because of Kazu’s blood. I attempt to make a dragon, but it was nothing to grand, just a small cute dragon. Kazuki surprises me and comes to hug me from the back.

“Let me show you something cool.”he says taking my hand in his.

He is now manipulating the dragon. He presses the snow together forming solid ice and making the dragon a lot bigger than before. It comes under us and takes us in the air. The view was marvelous, you can see the whole town from here. I am enjoying this view so much, especially because I never get to see such beautiful things. The tears are forming on the corners of my eyes. Kazuki spins me around so I face him now.

He smiles gently then gets a small black velvet box with golden decorations. He opens it to revel a gorgeous white gold ring. It had a jewel in the middle, which had a strange separation in six parts. The first one was bloody red with the symbol 火-fire, the next one was a clear dark blue like his eyes with 水-water in the middle, then it was a greenish brown 土-earth, after it was a sparkling light yellow 光-light, a gray white 空気-air and the last one was a deep black with some violet tints 闇- darkness.

The ring is amazing… But wait is this a proposal? What? I’m too young to get married!

“This is a promise ring. That you’ll be next to me forever. And if ever we part, we’ll find each other again.”

I nodded slowly, completely mesmerized by his words. He looks at me for a moment, then puts the ring on my finger.

“I can’t believe you’re with me from now on.”

Kazuki’s grandparents come and greet us eventually, his grandmother sees the ring and smile widely but doesn’t says anything.

“We don’t have much time before we have to leave. I want to teach you two more techniques before we leave.”says the grandfather.

” Ready to learn.”

” First. The unseen steps. You put all your power in your muscles and move as quickly as you can.”

I nod in understandement, but the truth is that I didn’t get too much from that explanation. He probably sees that and makes a demonstration. He moves from place to place very quickly and I didn’t see how exactly did he do that. I try it a few times and of course at first I didn’t succeed, but after three or four tries I managed to do it.

“Good the first one is accomplished. Now, moving forward. There are many ways of being invisible, or concealing your presence but one thing you can’t conceal completely. Your spiritual energy. Everybody has it, but supernatural creatures are different. It’s hard to explain, you’ll see what I mean.”

“What do you mean by completely?”

“There are assassins, spies and other dangerous people that manage to hide their presence almost completely, but when you do it, you use your spiritual energy one way or another, so here this comes in.”

“Oh. Okay…. So what do I do?”

“You need to form a special power sensor.”he says but then the grandmother interferes.

” Let Kazuki show her, we have to get ready.”

He nods and leaves the two of us alone again.

” It’s not too hard to do so I’m sure you’ll get this.”

He closes his eyes and a ball of water is forming in his hands, then a thinner but much bigger than that, another ball forms and goes maybe through the whole city. He cancels both of the balls and then looks at me.

” That’s must be black magic, because that thing is so cool.”I say surprised by his power.

” not really, but close enough. The small ball is the representation of what the bigger ball gets. When you’ll form your own you’ll see you’ll sense all supernatural creatures on both of them.”

“Yes, when but how do I do that?”

“Imagine that your spiritual energy is flowing through your body, let is materialize. You control six elements so you can choose which one you wanna use.”

He continues the explanation and by the end of the afternoon I could form this balls from light and air. This is very tiring, I already feel the power decreasing.

” You must be hungry, come on, let’s get you a drink.”

“No, no. I’m fine.”

“Riya, we’ve been through this.”

I sigh as he gets closer and I couldn’t resist to the smell of his blood anymore. I bite him and let myself carried away a bit. He stops me before I hurt him.

“I’m.. Sorry” I say without having an idea why I couldn’t stop myself earlier.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, now let’s get you ready, I’m sure my grandma is waiting for you.”

I smile and get in the house where I see a beautiful tomesode. It is probably for the grandma. She is in mine and Kazuki’s room when I go there.

“I guess I’ll wear a kimono too?”

“Yes, my dear, it’s a sign of respect.”

She dresses me up in a gorgeous kimono with a floral pattern. She pins my hair in a elegant bun and goes to get dressed too. When we leave the house two carriages come to pick us up. I get in the second one with Kazuki and his grandparents take the first one. It smells like vanilla and cinnamon inside. He looks at me with the same sweet eyes from this morning.

“You look amazing like this.”

“Oh yeah? Well don’t get used to this cause you won’t see me dressed like this too much.”

“Why not? You’re gorgeous.”he smiles and hugs me tightly to his chest.

We stay like this for some time, talking about all and noting at the same time. Suddenly a huge boom comes and the carriage turns upside down. Kazuki is holding me to protect me from the impact. Three silhouettes are approaching us, one of them with a huge weapon that looks very similar to a scythe. I cannot move, my leg is under the carriage’s door. Kazuki has glass pieces stuck in his back from protecting me and a lot of blood is coming from his wounds.

No, no this can’t be happening! I get quickly form under the carriage and the men just look at me surprised. Blue flames start burning them as they realise they have no way to escape. I form a darkness ball to search for other attackers and two of them were hiding, probably waiting to finish what they started. I send two stakes to them, probably they will have the same fate as their friends. I bend over Kazuki’s body and start healing him. I take out the glass pieces and touch him in order for the wounds to close. He was very weakened from this so I give him a few drops of my blood and he wakes up suddenly.

“Hush. It’s okay now. I’ll go check on your grandparent, will you be okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, I’ll go search for others”

His grandparents are unconscious they woke up once I healed them.

“There is no one else.”

“Are you okay, Riya? You used a lot of power.”

“Me? I’m fine. Kazuki protected me from any danger.”

“But what happened to the attackers?”

“Maybe they knew they couldn’t fight us all and left.”

I say, but I got the feeling they didn’t belive it completely.

“Look. I didn’t see anybody when I woke up. Probably they thought we were dead.”

It is still suspicious but this time it was more convincing. His grandparents proposed we go on foot until we get there, given that we don’t have much left. After maybe half an hour we reach our destination, and man, it was not what I expected.

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