Blood Descendants

By @Hanafuda
Blood Descendants

"As the sun went down her eyes would still glow, a bright red light guiding the lonely souls. She was once a human who extended her limit, respecting the prophecy that was places upon her." «» No regular story can start like this. With a girl who couldn't take it anymore, a prisoner of the same old routine, until... The secret was out. Riya, a vampire, who won't stop at power, respect or fear, comes to this world and rules it. «»

Chapter 3

III. The truth

Chapter 3: The truth

After Kazuki left, I go to the kitchen and search for some food. I heat up some leftover pasta for yesterday, when I heard the ring bell.

I don’t remember inviting Amy over. Hmm. How might this be? I went to the door and open it. My parents were standing in front of me, smiling as I jumped into their arms.

“Hello, sweetheart. How are you? I missed you so much!” said my mom, letting me go.

“I’m sure she’s just fine. Nothing happened right?” asked my dad joking a little.

“Let’s see if you’re so fine.”they both said and started tickling me.

I missed them so much. Last time I saw them was a few months ago. My parents: Adele and Patrick Shaan, both have these perfect looks, but somehow I didn’t carry these characteristics from them.

My mom is one of the best top models in the world, with her never-ending legs and her hair is a long wave of blackness that goes past her tights. Her eyes are a gorgeous light green with some yellowish shades, her skin is soft and she doesn’t look a day over 20, but is in fact 39. My dad, on the other hand, is almost a complete opposite. He’s a rather tall man, but still shorter than my mother, measuring about 1.80 meters. He has a light brown, almost blonde, curly hair. His eyes always soften whenever he looks at me or my mom, those shiny turquoise eyes are the one that remind me of the sea. He seems very tough, being my mother’s manager I guess that is kind of a requirement, but he’s like a child on the inside.

 Suddenly I thought about what I was reading this morning in the diary that my grandma left me. Maybe I should ask them, after all they knew her better that I did.

“Ma, Pa. I wanna ask you something. It’s just I didn’t understand it at all, and I know you must have the answer.” I said as their faces changed.

Even if they both have this milky white skin, they were even paler now. My mom turned to my dad with a concerned look on her face.

” Honey, I think it’s time she finds out.”finally spoke my mother, with her lips trembling.

But no. She’s almost eighteen. In a few days she won’t need to know all this things. She would have a normal life!” said my father with a very stern face.

What are you talking about?” I asked without a clue of what they were talking about.

“She’s not a child anymore! She has the right to decide!” this time my mother rose her voice.

“Your mother gave her life for Riya not to find out! How can you do this to her?”

My eyes widen at what my father just said. Mom was too surprised as she had a terrified face. Tears started to run down her cheeks when she left the living room. My father went after her realizing what he just said. What the heck just happened? I never seen my parents having a argument like this. Were they always fighting on this subject? And what do they mean?

I let myself process all of the new events and maybe a little over an hour my parents came back to me. They probably discussed about what happened. My mother’s eyes were red and puffy and I think so were my father’s.

“Look Riya. I want you to think about we’re gonna tell you. It’s an important decision you have to make.”

“Umm, okay. I’ll think carefully.”

“You’re part of clan named Shaan. We are all a different species: initii lamiae. It’s Latin for The vampires of the beginning.”

Vampires? You’re joking right? Like those sparking in the sun bitches?”

“Vocabulary, Riya. Those are just stories. We are real. And Initii Lamie are the ones with the purest blood, we were the very first supernatural creatures on this earth. Are powers are immense, almost invincible, but we can still die by the hand of someone more powerful than us within the clan.”

” So that’s why I have red eyes? But… Why don’t you have red eyes?”

” Just those with very special powers have red eyes. I was always curious about you, but you father wanted you to have a normal life.”

“And what does grandma has to do with this?”

“Uh. When you were a kid you used to play with another supernatural boy and suddenly your instincts took over and you almost bit him, but your grandmother saved him. Well. It started a conflict between clans and someone tried to kill you, but they killed Mother instead.”

” Another supernatural? “

” Of course. There are a lot more clans and spices. The werewolves from the Kato clan, the subordinates of the moon from the Tsuki clan, the subordinates of the sun from Taiyou. And a lot more. There is another clan of vampires Yamada. They are hybrids half human, half vampire. But Shaan is the most powerful, we led the supernatural world for more than 5000 years. We even have a portal created by some witches from Shimizu.”

“Umm. What????? Aaron Yamada just tried to r*pe me today. And Amy’s last name is Shimizu!!! My desk mate too, he’s name is Tsuki!!!!!”

“Say again? What rape? I’m gonna tore his limbs apart!”

“No, it’s okay now. Amy and Kazuki helped me.”

“It somehow makes sense. If someone were to drink your blood they would gain more power.”

“But what about Amy?”

“The Shimizu Clan is a little more complex. They develop a second self when they become full witches. Some never change back, other live a normal life. But the true self never knows what’s going on with the supernatural stuff. It’s hard to explain.”

“And who is this Kazuki, you mentioned?”

“He’s new to school.”

“The boy that drove you home?”

“You spied on me?”

“Haha. No, of course not. Well just a little. We saw him when we came. He’s probably a subordinate of the moon. They get their gifts at birth. Their eye color show how powerful they are.”

“Your mother is right. From what I saw he has deep blue eyes. He probably has water control, but it’s strange the color was so intense.”

” Well. Enough about boys. What do you decide?”

“Don’t hurry me, ma. But let’s say, I decide to become a vampire. What am I supposed to do?”

“Basically you have to drink blood from a person you developed feelings for.”

“Oh. That’s quite simple.”

“I know. But it’ll taste strange till you get used to it.”

After all this long discussion, I let myself think carefully about it. Without realizing I closed my eyes and fell asleep with a thought in my mind.

Next day my mother insisted on giving me a makeover. And it was truly a makeover. Her experience as a model sure helped transforming me in someone I wasn’t. My hair was somehow pinned and it looked elegant not messy, my face was all covered in make-up as I felt heavier with a few kilos. She forced me to wear the uniform, which meant a dark red dress with a plaid pattern. She didn’t even let me take my usual backpack, instead ma gave me a very fashionable bag where I put my wallet, phone and headphones. I gave my parents a peck on the cheek and left for school.

There all the looks were on me since I entered the gates. Some approached me, but I tried to make them go away as soon a possible.

“Wow. Look, a new hotty. What’s up girl, wanna grab a bite from mine.”Said a boy winking.

I tried my best to find Amy in the crowd, but instead I saw Kazuki. His eyes locked on mine as he approached me and put his hand protectively around my waist.

” You’re looking to be assaulted with this… This…” he started but I could clearly see that he tried his best not to say something wrong

“Apparance?” I said in French smiling.

Yeah. Good morning by the way.”


“You really look good like this. Not that yesterday you didn’t.”

“My mother made me wear these. And we have something serious to discuss, lover boy.”

“Huh? Is something wrong?”

“Umm. No. Just meet me somewhere private…”

“Why don’t you come by my house?”

“Huh???!” this time I turned my head to the other side so he won’t see me blushing.

“You can bring Amy along. Or is more private?” he said teasing me.

“No! Of course not! Pervert!”

“Chill. I live with my grandparents. Plus I don’t wanna force you. I’ll make you fall for me”

If he had the slightest idea that I already have some fellings for him. We get to class together as he is still my desk mate. Amy was already on her seat.

“Morning. We have something to discuss. We’ll go to Kazuki’s house after school.”

“Horayy~~~ it’ll be so much fun! We’ll bond and be good friends and share secrets! Like Riya prefers dark underwear and always wears….”


“Oh but please, let her go on.” said Kazuki with a smirk on his face.

The teacher came in the class and it all went on pretty normal. After the first period I went to Mei. I needed this time to think. I took a sip from my Americano and wrote in the diary about this mess. Why does it have to be me? I asked this question thousands of times since I was little. First people considered me a freak for my eyes, now this.

Like how much more can I handle? I pay for my drink and go to the park. The imaculate snow was falling slowly.

Do I really have to make this decision? I shook my head and leave for school. On the way I stopped at the market and bought some juice, snack, nibbles and a small gift for Kazuki’s grandparents.

When I returned to school, Amy was waiting for me in front of the gates and Kazuki was approaching.

“Good to go?” I asked seeing how Kazuki was a little bit quiet.

“Yes, just.. How to put it. My grandparents may be a little bit excentric, don’t listen to them if they say something strange.”

“Yes. No problem. Oh. Another thing. Amy, do you think you can change in Esthere?”

“Why? Don’t tell me that you like her better?”

“Nope. Nothing like that. Just have to tell her something.”

The black mass of power appeared and the red-headed girl appeared. I got closer and whispered something and she just nodded. She didn’t turned back for what I just said to her, but Kazuki didn’t asked questions.

The walk to his house was long and quiet. He was living by the end of the forest and the house was more like an old Japanese mansion. We entered the front gate and saw the beautiful view. A huge garden was surrounding the house. There were fountains and oasis with Sakura trees that gave me the feeling of a completely different world. The three of us entered the house and met two cute old people.

“Oooh. Looks like he finally got a girl here.”

“Not just one, but two. And how beautiful they are!”

I took out of my bag the gift I bought for them and smiled when I handed it. The woman smiled back as her eyes softened.

“Oh my, but how polite you are. You didn’t have to bother.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“What are your names, sweet girls?”

“I’m Esthere Shimizu.”

Their eyes widened a little, but tried not to show to much. They turned to me and waited for my name, but it came like a huge surprise.

“I’m Riya…. Shaan.”

There was a pause and the two of them bowed before me.

We are terrible sorry for our humble welcome. We had no idea a royalty like yourself was coming. We couldn’t possibly accept your gift.”

“No, no. You don’t need to do this. Please it would bring me happiness if you wouldn’t treat me like this. I’m.. Normal.”

” As you request.”

Kazuki led us to a room, it was nice and bright, with a small bed on one side. I opened a bag of snacks and sat down on the floor waiting for them to do the same.

” So… You found out?” started Kazuki, a little bit unsure of what he should say.

” Just yesterday.”

“Hmm. What’s your decision, kiddo?” asked Esthere, playing with a ball she’s always got on her.

I… I was always a freak. Now I can at least be a freak with style.”

“I’ll take that as an yes.”

“But… I’m still unsure of the whole deal with the process of transformation.”

“What’s so hard about it? You just need to drink Kazuki’s blood.”

We both looked at each other and he gave me a short nod, trying to reassure me.

Esthere chanted something in Latin, language that I think I should learn now and made two small incisions on Kazuki’s wrist. I took a deep breath and put my lips on it as I let the blood flow in my mouth. It was… Not what I expected. The strange taste of salty iron was somehow sweet. I suddenly felt my eyes closing as a different energy entered my body. After that it was all just blackness.

Esthere’s point of view

Great, just great! The Shaan clan is gonna kill me. And that wouldn’t be the worst death if I think about it. If Amy finds out her best friend is dead because of me, she’s gonna want to kill herself. I know that those with red eyes have unimaginable powers, but is she so powerful that her body can’t take it?

“Kazuki, go get your grandparents here. Now!!!”

“Yes. But she’ll be fine, right?”

“Now, Kazuki, now!”

He left the room in a second and came back soon with his pops.

“Let me see her!”

His grandmother checked Riya then ordered her husband to get some potions.

“You should’ve told us you want to do something so important! It’s dangerous to do it, especially with Kazuki’s blood! He’s the third most powerful man in our clan. Add that to this girl’s power that are already incredible and of course she can’t take it!”

” I.. I Apologize. I should’ve been more cautious, it’s all my fault.”

“Don’t take the blame. But if the Shaan clan finds our about this, there won’t be any Shimizu or Tsuki anymore.”

The old man came back with the potion, and she ordered me to read what was written on it and give it to Riya.

I did as I was told and suddenly a dazzling light covered Riya’s body as it started to levitate. What’s gonna happen?

Riya’s point of view

What is happening? I drank Kazuki’s blood. Am I a vampire? Someone comes in the room, but I can’t see anything because it was too dark. He or she takes my hand and squeezes it in their own.

“Riya. It’s already been three days. You won’t move a bit. I miss you, more than I thought I would ever miss someone. Even if it’s for a little bit please wake up, I don’t wanna lose you without saying ‘I love you’ or without kissing you. I wanna hold you in my arms forever…”

His voice is getting so low I can’t hear what he is saying anymore. He puts his hand behind my back and rises me a little bit to hug me.

” If you’re willing to make me pasta every morning, wearing just an apron let’s say I’ll wake up.” I say and his grip is loosening.

He doesn’t believe I’m really awake, at first, but then happy tears start falling on his cheeks.

“Riya! Oh my Chuck! You’re awake! Gramps! Esthere! She’s awake”

Esthere is the first one to come inside. She gets down to me and gives me a huge hug. I pat her back slowly, reassuring her everything is alright now.

“You scared the crap put of me kiddo.”

“I know sorry, please don’t kill me.” I say, joking.

“Take her easy for now.”says Kazuki’s grandmother Entering the room.

” So… What am I now? “

” You a vampire that’s for sure. But we can’t still be sure just how powerful you are. Probably the second most powerful vampire alive, but until you discover what you can do I’m not certain.”

“But one thing is certain. You look like a bunny this way.”

“What do you mean by that?”

I get in front of a mirror and Kazuki turns on the lights.


I am… Different. My body changed into something that is less…. Repulsive. I had all this curves and I was a little bit shorter. My short spiky hair is now a long curly black ocean that flows on my back. Even my eyes look better, they were sparkling and the shades of red were somehow moving, creating this nice effect of cuteness.

Why?! What the heck happened?”

” Every vampire looks good. When they transform, their looks change so they can attract humans and drink their blood.”

Suddenly my mother comes in too, followed by my father. They probably just arrived here.

“Oh, my sweet child, I’m glad you’re finally up.”

“We were so worried. Afraid we’re gonna lose you.”says my mother with tears in her eyes.

They both hug me and smile. I talk to them for a little bit, but they tell me something urgent came up at the agency and they have to leave for Japan tonight. My mother givea me a notebook where she wrote the basics for me. They tell me that it’s better if for now I stay at Kazuki’s. Until I learn how to control my power at least.

 After they left, I was alone. Kazuki’s grandfather comes in and asks me where do I want to sleep.

“Well, if it’s not a problem, I’d like to sleep here.”

“No problem at all, but you can’t change your mind later.”he says with a mischievous smile.

I nod slowly, unsure about what he meant. After that I go to the bathroom and change in the clothes my parents bought for me. It looks like my mother was that one that chose them. After I finish my routine, I go outside for a little bit, admiring the sky.

“You like watching the sky too?” says Kazuki.

He is wearing light clothes even though outside is freezing. I don’t think they are pj’s, but they fit him so well.

“Yeah. It’s gorgeous tonight.”

“Just like you. In your eyes I can see an infinity of stars. “

You’re the first person that compliments my eyes. Actually you’re the first boy that isn’t afraid of me.”

“Why would I be afraid? You’re normal for me. Small, delicate, fragile. With feelings like any other human.”

“Except I’m not human.”

“No, you’re more than that. You’re perfect.”he says and this time without looking at me. I could see he was blushing a little.

I approach him and put my arms around him. We stay like this for a minute or two, without saying a word. Eventually I take a step back and smile widely.

” I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“night” he says as I make my way to my new room.

I sat on the bed quietly, thinking about this day. I wonder where is his room. Probably on the other end of the mansion. Suddenly someone opens the door and my mouth drops to the floor.

It is Kazuki wearing just a pair of black boxers. A few droplets of water were traveling on his perfect abs, he problably took a shower just now. When he sees me he freezes without knowing what to do.

“Kyyaaaa. Get out and put something on you, idiot!!!” I scream covering my eyes.

“What the heck are you doing here?! You said you are going to sleep.”

“And this is the room where I’ll sleep.”

“Really? You have all these rooms and choose mine?”

“How would I possibly know it’s yours?”

“Okay. Than choose another.”

That’s when realization hit me. That old man.

“I can’t.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Bbb-because your grandfather said I can’t change my mind.”

“That old gezzer. He planed this. Well I’ll sleep down on a mattress and you’ll take the bed.”

“It’s your home, you can’t sleep on the floor.”

“Oh so little miss here is a little perverted and wants a bed mate?”

“Do you want some help with that mattress?”

“Haha. I was sure you’d say that”

I take my hands off my face and look at him. His hair is messy, his muscles are straining at his every single move. His collar bones are making him even more sexy. If that’s possible.

Won’t you put a t-shirt and some pants on?”

“Well that was my intention but I didn’t know a girl would be in my bedroom.”

He searches his wardrobe for a large white t-shirt and some long loosen gray trousers. I can still see his perfect V sometimes when he moves. He lies down and I do the same.

Come on. Go to sleep, you’ll have a big day tomorrow.”

“I know. I’ll have to get used to this hyped feelings.”

“And you will. Now. Good night.”

“Sleep tight.”

I didn’t close an eye all night. I watched Kazuki sleeping, even though I’m not sure he slept too. Today I take my clothes and everything necessary to the bathroom to get ready. After I’m done, I get back to the room. Kazuki is trying to pack the mattress and put it under the bed.

Morning. How are you?”

“I’m good. How did you sleep last night?”

“Didn’t close an eye, but I’m fine.”

“What a pity, you have training sessions today.”


“Yeah. Like you know, your blood is a delicacy for those from the Yamada clan. You’ll have more and more enemies now.”

“Hmm. That’s probably right. But I have a question for start. Why are all the curtains closed? I can’t see the sunlight at all.”

“Go on and try to open them.”

I do as I was told. When the sunlight hit my hand it starts to burn. I took it back from the light immediately and close the curtains again.

ouch. That hurts. I might need a patch for this wound.”

“What wound?”he said chuckling.

I frown and look back at my hand which is completely healed.

” Huh? But how do my parents manage to stay in the broad daylight? “

” It’s a trick that all vampires know. It should be written in the notebook your mother left. “

I search for it in my bag and start reading. It’s an entire philosophy here. I try my best to memorize it, but it is hard to concentrate when Kazu is looking at me. I open the curtains a little and put my hand in the light again. I’m not burning, but I feel an immense pressure on my hand. I need to focus really hard for this to work. I open the window and look outside. I never thought that the sun would give me so much trouble.

“Congrats. You passed the first stage. Now you have to maintain this concentration for all of your life. Try not to burn in school, I don’t think I can find an excuse for that.”Kazuki says, joking.

“But that’s very reassuring, thank you.”

“I know. Now let’s go grab something to eat.”

I followed him to the dining room where his grandmother was setting the table for breakfast. There I sit down and start eating. The food tastes like crap, but I decide to ignore it. I didn’t wanna be impolite. After eating we go to school where everybody was watching me and Kazuki. All of sudden a guy approaches me, going very close to me.

“Yo, Tsuki. Who’s the chick? New or something, darling?”

“Actually she’s been here for long, but how about you unglue yourself from her.”

“Oh. I get it now. She’s you woman. Make sure you don’t make jealous your freaky desk mate. How knows what she’s gonna do to you, that weirdo.”

“Actually I think she’ll understand given they’re the same person.”

“Whaaat?! This is Riya Shaan?! But where are her red eyes? “

“Under the bangs?”

A bunch of boys come and look at me, making sure if I’m really the same person. Some give me their telephone numbers or Facebook names. It is strange to be in the middle of attention for something good. Kazuki was sitting next to me all this time, smiling kindly at me. Hardly, but eventually, we get to class and everybody tries to take their attention from me. The teacher stars checking the absentees.

“Shaan Riya. I don’t see her. Is she sick or something?”

“I’m right here, teacher.”

“Oh. My apologies, I didn’t recognize you with this change of look.”

The teacher continues, but I can’t think about what he is saying anymore. Am I so different. Maybe Kazuki likes me just for my power. But… Is this true? Suddenly a small folded piece of paper is passed to me. I open it and search for a signature, but none can be found. It says: ‘We need to talk. It’s urgent. Meet me behind the gym at the break.”

“A love letter from you fans?” Kazuki asks looking at me with his sweet eyes.

Hmm. Maybe. Why? You’re jealous?”

“Pfff.. Me? No way. Plus I already know you’re mine!”

“How so?”

“Just now you didn’t say you weren’t.”

“Tsk. Says the man who prefers to confess his feelings in front of a unconscious person.”

“What?!! You didn’t heard what I said, right?”

“I don’t wanna lose you, I love you..”i say mimicking his voice.

I drop my pen by accident and bend down to take it. At the same time, Kazu does the same and we look up at the same time. Your faces are so close as we watched into each other’s eyes. He gives me a quick smile and approaches me even more. Our lips touch for a few seconds as my eyes widen. The kiss is a sincere one, somehow childish, but full of feelings. But of course it didn’t last for long, because smoke stared to get from my hand. We parted as I tried to regain my calm. He takes my hand in his to cover the wound.

“I’m fine now.” I say after a few seconds.

“You need to be more careful.”

“Not my fault that you stole my first kiss!”

“What about a second then?”

“No thank you.” I say sitting up

The class is finished and I get out quickly. I have to meet this anonymous now.

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