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Margaret Churrick is an american reporter in the 1970's struggling to rise to the top. When she finally gets to shine by reporting a local shootout, the pressure to report what she referred to as "blood and guts tv" grows. As she works to live up to the phrase "if it bleeds it leads", troubles start to unfold and the story unravels to an ending television history will never forget.

Chapter 1


“Alright Margaret, you’re on in five.”

I looked back from my mirror where I had been carefully powdering my face. Giving a soft smile, I nodded at Tonya, who adjusted her headset and started off. Before she could get too far, I called for her.


She turned back and peeked back into my dressing room. 


“Could you..could you tape this segment? would that be alright?”

Tonya nodded, and smiled. 

“Excited for this, aren’t you?” She replied, and I nodded once more, giving her a big smile. ” See?” she started, ” I told you that you could do this. You show Mr. Miller what you’ve got. You’re gonna do great.” And with that, she walked off, muttering into her headset to get my segment taped. 

I looked back at the mirror and watched my smile fade. I watched my blue eyeshadow softly shimmer in the mirror lights, I watched the glint in my eye, and I glanced at the bag in my lap. I opened it up, laying my hand on the cold metal of the revolver. It sent chills through me. Pulling my hand out of the bag, I fixed my hair and carried the bag with me to the NEWSWATCH  desk. 

If he wanted blood and guts television, then I was happy to provide.

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