Murder of Crows

By @NaidaRiverheart

Chapter 1

Clover Creek

Her nails clicked across the keys of a forming blog. Sasha took another sip of coffee. She sat alone with papers and her laptop in the small retro diner: Ruby’s. A rumored eatery in Clover Creek with the best burgers around, but what diner doesn’t say that? I think you know that Sasha was far from impressed at the quality of food –besides the ice cream.

Ruby, the founder’s wife –hence the name was a waitress with brown hair always in a bun and had the smooth but yet large bust like a grouse. consistent and striving to please the newbie in town, Ruby asked Sasha if she wanted anything more every half hour Sasha sat there and typed.

Why don’t they have a library?

Sasha Bogdanovich, a former reporter for the Seattle Times had broken away from the toxic city life to retreat to her first love, the country. Clover Creek was new to her, but the old retro diner was the only thing of the 1980s. The rest was dilapidated country buildings with window shutter hanging by one hinge. Sasha thought she might’ve walked into an old Hallmark movie set.

”Sure you don’t want any food to go hun?” Ruby asked Sasha. Sasha had grown tired of her asking and summoned the most polite smile she could force.

”No, thank you. I have to get going, but thank for the wonderful brunch.” Sasha walked out before Ruby could ask if she wanted some pie to go.

The house was an ugly color, but it was home. Window panes screamed to be washed and the gutters lined the house in a crooked order filled with mud. Sasha unlocked the door and walked in. Furniture was covered with white linens and layers of dust coated everything. She flipped the light on. It had an eerie ‘cabin the woods” vibe. It was haunting.

She plugged her computer and marked down the day of the Annual Clover Festival. It was the main money maker of the year. Here goes nothing. Sasha was tempted just to leave all this behind and make dinner for one, but she knew she’d have to get around to later. That would be even worse.

She spoke to herself making a list on the counter.

”Lot’s of paint and new wall trim for sure.” She always thought talking to herself was crazy but it let her know that she wasn’t alone. Was that weird? She attached the list to the refrigerator with a magnet, but the dullness of its own surroundings and lack of pictures, memories, and other magnets made it feel depressing. It’s only a new start. You need this okay?

Her perpetual thoughts were merciless with a mix of nervous shakes from being new in town. It was like being the new kid at school. Everyone looked at you funny. Looked you over to see if you were decent looking for their group or even more to be friends with.

That bland night, dinner had been ramen with little flavoring. She was constantly attempting to avoid high intakes of sodium. The smell and familiarity of cup in hand brought her back to college days where she went with one meal of ramen and the rest…well…studying.

She pulled out her laptop and opened up her blog. It made her cringe. The pink background with polka dots. It screamed full teenage girly-girl. Sasha never minded the color, it was the vibe it brought out to her fresh eyes. Hours on the road and not staring at her screen had benefited her, just as Dedushka had advised.

An hour ticked by. Modern theme applied and new head titles. Sasha bit the inside of her cheek. She checked her phone. 45% Hope tomorrow is a good picture day for this small town close to nothingness. Hopeful thinking never had gotten her anywhere, but what’s this one going to do if it fails her?

Ten o’clock rolled around and Sasha sprawled across the dusty couch in front of her laptop.

Clover Creek: The Small Town in Oblivion

The small town of Clover Creek…

She paused there. Nothing came to mind except a void. She rubbed her face and slammed her laptop shut. No TV to entertain her, only an old radio sitting on the table next to the arm of the couch.

It was fuzzy and could not decipher the words. She switched it off and went around checking if the windows were locked. Each time she paused and looked through the curtains into the blackness and woods. Only a single street light was on. Creepy. She thought. She stopped and stared at the moon letting its glow wash over her face. In the distance, the eerie howl of a coyote or was it a wolf? Nonsense Sasha, there are no wolves in Washington.

She checked the lock and pulled the curtains shut leaving behind the blackness and wildlife to themselves.

Again, another howl.

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    Oohhh creeepy! Looove it!

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