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Blinded love

By @Sharon jord



“bye mum”, she waved at her mum who was wearing a cute smile.

Cynthia was just on her way to school, she has to meet with the school assembly. So, swiftly she ran that a running vehicle would not have caught up with her. She looked like a forlorn figure just as she arrived at the front of the school gate. With a disheartening heart, she walked through the gate at a slow pace.

Cynthia knew that she has always been a subject of ridicule, right from her first day in Dothan high school. Probably, because she has always looked unappealing. Her hair was roughly braided in pigtails; she was wearing a recommended thick eyeglass and a neat but unironed school uniform, depicting an unfashionable dress sense.

All eyes fixed on her as she moved forward to the assembly. She soon became a fixed topic, “Cynthia…” a boy from behind echoed her name. “My monkey is better off you, do you even have a boyfriend? “He said with a playful smirk on his face.

Cynthia wasn’t simply concerned with what he said, after all, she was used to getting harsh remarks about her look. She ignores the boy and waited impatiently until the end of the assembly.

“Emily, do you mind going on a date with me today?

“No, not at all. Please do so.“

Cynthia stepped back immediately to eavesdrop on the ongoing conversation. She was on her way to ask Edmund on a date too. Previously, she had hesitated to ask him out on a date but got encouraged by the fact that they were childhood friends.

“Ugh,I’m stressed out !”. She hurriedly left the place in annoyance, clenching her fist like she was going to deal enormously with anyone who comes her way.

Just as she headed to the library, she heard a close footstep and a dull banging sound. At first, she walked at a slow pace trying to detect if she was being followed, but it seemed the unseen figure was right behind her. She walked as fast as she could.The only sound familiar to her was the quickening beat of her heart. Her heart accelerated as she knew she was in a great danger. She tried to call for help; however, her throat suddenly dried up like a well in the desert. Thus, she decided to turn and look behind her.

“What a…”

She was in a dazzling state. She had expected to see a monstrous being, but she saw a handsome figure instead. His beauty was breathtaking. His glimmering eyes and neatly ironed school uniform made him look like the most beautiful hero. To Cynthia, his ravel appearance depicts a savior rather than a stalker. The boy was quick in approaching her, just like the flash.

“What are you?”. Cynthia said, mumbling her words.

“Would you mind a helping hand?”

“No, I don’t mind”.

He stretched out his hand to help Cynthia up, ignoring her previous question.

“Probably, a new student…right? “


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