Black & White

By @Farmcat2408

Black & White

By @Farmcat2408

Thorin battles Azog, but loses the love of his life.

Inspired by: The Hobbit

Chapter 1

Black & White

*Disclaimer* I do not own any characters from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. Estelle is of my own creation and belongs to me.

Glossary of Khuzdul terms is at the bottom

I cautiously stepped onto the ice, watching the still form of Azog the Defiler float beneath it. Finally, my people could rest in peace. But then his eyes snapped open, and his sword came smashing through the ice, straight into my foot.

I fell, Azog pulling himself out of the frigid water to plant his sword point straight on my chest, directly above my rapidly pounding heart.

I held the blade in my hands, desperately fighting against his formidable strength. The point of the sword began to dig into my flesh, and I gritted my teeth, preparing for the end.


A flying body slammed me out of the way and I heard a gasp of pain as Azog’s sword pierced flesh. I scrambled to my feet, my eyes widening as I saw her lying there, arm clamped against her abdomen.

She’d taken it for me. The love of my life.

Fire flooded my veins and I attacked Azog. I felt raw anger at him for injuring my beloved. There was new strength in my limbs as I battled him, my sword piercing his pale flesh. Now he was dead.

Once life had fled Azog’s disfigured body, I whirled back to the motionless figure of Estelle. She lay on the ice, a red stain spreading around her.

Tears pricked my eyes as I fell to my knees beside her, gently pulling her into my arms. Her eyes wearily fluttered open, blue orbs trying to focus on my face. As I watched her struggle to cling to life, the tears fell, unbidden, streaming down my face.

The smallest of smiles danced across the lips I’d dreamed of kissing since the day I’d met her in that Hobbit’s hole. “Thorin, do not weep, it grieves me.” She whispered, her trembling hand reaching up to lightly caress my bearded cheek. My heart felt like it was being torn in two, as I faced the fact that this was the last time she’d do this.

I clasped her hand, keeping it pressed against my skin as I stared at her, trying desperately to etch her beautiful face into my mind. To remember her smile. The one that I loved seeing more than anything else in the world. The rush of memories containing her smiling made tears flow down my face again.

She spoke again, the words faint. “I love you, Thorin.” She murmured, and I nodded, biting my lip as a sob rose in my throat. I wanted to remember her voice saying those words for the last time.

Tears fell from my face onto her clothes, leaving small dark patches as they soaked into the cloth. “You’re not going to die here. I didn’t come this far to see you die.” I choked out, my voice husky with pain.

Her slowly clouding eyes sparkled ever so slightly. “Neither did I, Amralime. But there are some things that happen without our desire for them too.” She whispered, tears sliding out of her own eyes as she watched me.

GivasheluhGeehvahsehluh, just hold on a little longer. Oin will be here soon. Please, Amralime.” I begged desperately, my body heaving with sobs as Estelle’s eyes began to grow heavy. She shook her head slowly, laboriously.

“I cannot. I’m sorry that I have to leave you.” She said softly, before her eyes flickered to a spot just over my shaking shoulders. “Thorin, I see the halls of Aule(Ow-lay), he’s calling to me!” She said, rising slightly in my arms. She was unafraid of death, a feat that awed me. But it didn’t make losing her any easier.

Then a broad smile grew across her face. “And there’s Kili! They’re motioning for me to enter, I must go.” She said, making my head snap up to look around for my sister-son. The Prince I’d promised my sister I’d bring back safe.

I found him, lying in an ominously motionless state on the ground with the auburn-haired she-elf he’d so adored kneeling over him, tears sparkling on her contorted face as she grieved. And I felt like my heart had fully been ripped out of my chest. Those brown eyes were closed in eternal sleep, no longer to sparkle with merriment over the antics of him and his twin.

I turned back to my beloved, who was looking at me with an adoring expression on her face. “Goodbye, Amralime.” She said, her voice growing faint as she sank back, her crystal blue eyes losing their sparkle and closing gently as life slowly dwindled away beneath my rough hands.

The heartbeat I listened to nightly grew quiet, and faded into nothingness. Breathing slowed and abruptly stopped, the last bit of air exiting her lungs in a quiet, peaceful sigh.

I held her tighter to me, crying unashamedly. She was my everything, the one I’d planned all my dreams on. “Amralime… No…” I sobbed, my voice no more than a whisper. I was blinded by the tears streaming down my face, understanding nothing but pain. “You were going to be my Queen…”

But she was gone. Like the spring flowers she’d so loved to pick in the meadows back in the Shire. There one day, and gone the next.


Amralime: My Love

Givasheluh: Treasure of all treasures

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