By @paris_saewert

Chapter 1


It’s been a year since my pranters death, I know that it’s been a year but I can’t get over it it’s been months of crying and pain. Today is the first day back at school and I don’t want to go back with the same people there. I took a shower, got ready,and head out the door. People come up to me saying “ oh poor thing how are you feeling” I hate when they do that. I pulled into a spot and I took a moment and took some breaths to myself muttered “everything is ok lets just go in and get out. It will be easy? Right.” I got out of my car and walked to class I heard people saying stuff like “ why is she here” “hope she is ok”. They kept going on and on, saying things.

I walked up to my locker I saw cards on it, saying “sorry for your loss”and some other stuff. I grabbed my stuff and went to my next class. A couple of minutes of walking I suddenly bumped into someone that I have never seen here before. He turned his head fast and looked in my eyesight because I was short. I look up to see him with a very furious look on his face.

“ I–I–am–sorry” I stammered. “ It’s fine, just watch out next don’t know what you might hit.” He help me up and walked away to his class and I went to my class. I walked into my class and saw him in there next to my desk I walked over to my desk, After all of my classes I went to the library because we had a lot of homework to do that night. I put in my earbuds in listen to my music and went off to my own world. I got some of my work but still had a lot to do. I started to see the blackness and pass out from all the work I did that three hours I did.

 I woke up from a loud sound coming from outside so like a dumb girl I was I went outside but there was nothing there but the coldness hitting my face. I went to phone to see what time it was it was 7:30pm when I looked at my phone, but something on the corner of my eye saw something go by me. I turn my head lighting fast to see who was there, but no one was there.

I grabbed my stuff and walked a little then someone pinned me against the nearest wall possibly. His hands we rough, his face was handsome we was one of those bad guys, but something about this person made remember me of someone that I know. Then it hit me it was Eric my old best friend. We made eye contact his eyes were red like blood, He had sharp teeth from what I can tell, and he had little bit of blood on his mouth.

“ How are you Rose” he said with grin on his face.”LET GO OF ME” I tried yelling, but he covered my mouth with his hand. He kept telling me to shut up but I didn’t so he pushed my head into the wall. I felt something warm, flow of blood came from my head I look at Eric and saw his eyes were bright red ready to attack.

He moved my hair and put his head closer to my neck. I felt his warm breath on my neck it sent shivers up my back. Something sharp hit my neck and he put pressure on my neck almost breaking the skin. He went deeper and deeper, tell he put his fangs inside my neck. The pain was excruciating, my neck was exploding with fire. He put his hand on my waist so he can hold me up. The blackness was taking over me I was about to shut my eyes before someone hit Eric in the head. He chuckled from the pain, I fell on the floor and I started to get back up and walked as fast as I can, but Eric use his super speed to get to me and grab me.

I felt hot steamy tears come down and hit the ground, but the guy from today I ran into today. I looked into his eyes he had a fearful look on his face. “Let her go.” “Why should I brother.” when he said those words hit me like a bullet, even though I don’t know him it still hurt me deep down. Eric pulled me closer to him so he can make Mike jealous, Mike looked at him like he wanted to hurt him. Mike charged at him with all he could he hit Eric and I to I fell to the ground and got my body up and run.

I ran into walls, and falling to the ground, trying to find an exit. I saw the moon light outside the door I touched the metal on the door it sent shivers up my body. I pushed the door with all the strength I had left in me I was walking and walking tell I saw the blackness hit me and I passed out in the rain. I felt someone pick me up and put there hand on my back I kinda open my eyes and saw Mikes face a little then my vision faded.

I felt my body laid down on a bed it felt familiar. I woke up with a sharp pain in my head, but I knew what it was from. I was glad that he saved me, but I don’t know how to say thanks . “thanks for saving me from your brother that almost killed me.” I got ready, got coffee, and went to school.

I looked for Mike but I couldn’t find him anywhere so I went to my class, but when I was walking when someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a classroom that was empty. “Thank–ss-for saving me last night.” “ No problem.” I knew that you would get yourself in trouble.” I chuckle when he said that. We talked for awhile and got to know each other and after awhile we started to dating and started a new life. He was my knight and shine and always will be.

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