Bing Bong

By @W_r_i_t_e_r

Bing Bong

By @W_r_i_t_e_r

Man finds his past

Chapter 1


Running from the cops is where I found myself on the 5th of April 2020. How had things gotten this bad? First the stupid virus and now this, surely things couldn’t get any worse. But of course they did. As I ran across the highway away from my broken down car, I got hit. It was a car that hit me, a pinkish range rover. I knew it was over right then, I could already see the light that everybody talked about when they were about to die. I saw it coming closer and closer as I laid there on the black pavement, blood spilling from my body. I put my head down to rest letting death do what it does best, except death didn’t come for me.

I woke up in a car, but it wasn’t a police car. The car I woke up in had the smell of an orange and the look of great sorrow. There was a woman driving the car, this woman seemed familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. A dirty yellow blanket covered me. I was in great pain, I couldn’t move my legs. The woman turned around to look at me, she had a white face with silky brown hair. She still seemed familiar to me, who was she? “Oh you’re up, I know you have a million questions right now but I’m going to have to answer them later, once we get to the hotel.” she said. I went back to sleep. but death came back because I didn’t wake up. I guess all the blood had been drained from me, and death caught up to me this time. But before I died I remembered the woman. I had a dream about her. She was my next door neighbor and she used to call me “Bing Bong” all the time. But I have no idea why she came to rescue me. Was it because she loved me? I don’t know and I will never know, because I am dead.

The End

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