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By @_SageIsTrans_


I burst into my room. Clothes were scattered across my small room. I really should’ve cleaned them up earlier yet I didn’t. I stumbled over to the mirror standing on the floor and stared at it. Gazing back at me was a kid wearing a yellow pinafore with a white t-shirt. Their feet encased in 2 little ballet flats. Their mousey hair was tied into 2 bunches falling over their shoulders. I glace away.

This isn’t me.

Tears start to stream down their freckled cheeks as pull the bobbles out of their hair. Next they kicked off their shoes, stripped off their little yellow pinafore, then their white t-shirt and then my tights. They were left in my bra and pants.

I can’t deal with this.

I turn around and face my king-sized bed. I run to it, pull back to cover and dive right in. I felt the light blue sheets land on my bare skin. I close my eyes. I let out a sigh. I don’t have to see myself when I’m in here


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