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Binary Imperfections


The Beginning: Tails

“we should not be upset that others hide the truth from us, when we hide it so often from ourselves ”

– François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld

Perfection is a gift given by the gods. If perfection were given to someone, they could rule society without even thinking about it. Ironically enough my “best friend” has come the closest to true perfection, and let me tell you it is quite amazing.

Brown hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes, a strong jawline, and an athletically toned body. That’s just the beginning of his perfection. He has the highest GPA in one of the most competitive schools in Mock-up town, he has tons of money, more than I could even imagine. Jared is god’s perfect creation. And as it just so happens God gave me a perfect gift. Jared Smith. This gift is so useful.

To climb in society, society is organized in a way where people bargain with each other to become better than what they were. For example you own a shop, but without a consumer your shop cannot continue to thrive. Therefore the more consumers you get the more you able to thrive. But in very rare cases; a gift is given to you by god. If A person of a well known social tree is a consumer of your shop, you are guaranteed more customers because of their standings in society. That’s what Jared is to me; a well know consumer walking into my shop, attracting his followers. Jared Smith is a jewel that I will never lose.

Sometimes I die in laughter on how clueless he is. Walking down the street with Jared Smith is amazing. Girls constantly gawking at how handsome he is. Then knowing they don’t have a chance to ask him out, but the best part is they come to me to look for more information about Jared Smith. This makes it easy to network with people fast. And of course the majority of them are one gender but networking is networking. Jared also lets me use his money at his disposal because he trust me and our “friendship”. This makes my life a lot easier when it comes to improving my wealth. I get $200,000 monthly and put it in stocks to invest in my money more, and since Mr. Perfect is super smart I use him… I mean ask him what he thinks about the different stocks. This increases my chances of gaining than selling.

Although investing and networking is fun. I try to keep my school life and personal life separate. The only person that gets caught in both is my lovely client Jared Smith. School life is a little bit more interesting and fun compared to my personal life. Just walking through the Gate of the school is compelling; whispers start to slowly start to draw:

“Omg it’s Jared.” Random girl number one says.

“He’s so handsome, should I talk to him?” Random girl number two says.

“I wish I could just walk next to him” Random girl number three says.

“Beauty at it’s finest” Random girl number 4 says.

“I wish I was him” random guys groan.

“Having his body would be amazing” A teenage boy pointed out.

The whisper are so amazing. Sadly these whispers don’t concern me. These whispers are what we call window shoppers. My client will bring other consumer that don’t merely look from afar.

Having the prettiest girl in school, being the student body president, and of course having my amazing client, Jared Smith, will undoubtedly help me in my personal life along the way. With these three things can I climb high school’s social chain. And today is the day that I use my client and teach my client something for his growth. If I can get my client to fall in love with the prettiest girl in school than that’s one step closer to my plan. But it would be stupid to force the relationship on my client, if I were to suddenly go out with the person I pushed so much on him, he would resent me. And trust me I need my client. I needed a way to make them fall in love coincidentally, and I came up with the perfect plan.

Monday’s are Jared’s relaxing days for first period, he hangs out in the cafe and watches Youtube since apparently he’s amazing at math. Violet has the exact same classes as Jared. And from what I heard from rumors, Violet might also like Jared. This might just be a rumor, but if this is true then my plan will go smoothly. My plan is to bring up that I like Violet while we’re walking to school. Jared clueless will then take interest in why I like her so much. From there I will take Jared to the library. Recently I changed my walking pattern when walking inside the school for this plan in particular. Instead of going from the main hall then the 2nd floor where most of the first period classes take place, I decided to go to the library for about two weeks prior to this plan. I have been going to the library because as it turns out, Violet goes to the library Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. So Monday I decided to take Jared to the library with me because of his curiosity of Violet. There we would sit down at a table and I would pretend to study. Of course I didn’t have pretend I was in my notebook, but I want Jared to feel that I am shy towards Violet. After being friends with jared for two years I started to noticed he has no interest in women yet which is the best part of my plan. Jared Jared will then show no interest in her, which I will then embarrass Jared by asking him if he is interested in men instead of women. Knowing Jared he will make a big reaction towards that statement where he will catch Violet’s attention. Violet will probably want to interact with Jared while I’m not there so I will then leave five minutes before the bell rings, that way Violet and Jared would both have to get up near the same time leaving them to interact with each other.

At least that’s how I wanted my plan to go expect Jared brushed her off because he was more interested in his Youtube than a beautiful in front of him. But I did find out something very interesting which was worth the plan in the first place. It seemed as if Violet was trying to keep the conversation going. Which further improves my assumption of her liking Jared. 

With this information it will be really easy to get Violet.

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